Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Christmas Countdown!

This is always such a tremendously busy time. This year has brought some added challenges - I fell, cutting my foot badly and breaking my sternum (now really, have you ever heard on anyone actually breaking their sternum?) After a few days in the hospital I am back home. Breathing is somewhat painful and things like doing my hair is a real challenge - managed to damage my right shoulder also. I am healing.

The good news is that everything is getting done! God is good and has been speaking to me through all of this. I have had to add a few new words to my vocabulary = "I can't do (fill in the blank)" Boy this does not make me happy but it is a must.

I think I will be able to go Sunday the 18th to our biggest single gift distribution and Christmas program that will be in Vinga at our church. Cerbu, from Osana in Timisoara, is coming with a band, puppet show, caroling and a play. We have rented the town hall in Vinga. Cerbu supplied us with posters to put up around the village announcing the show. We hope that many of the yet unreached children will attend. They will also go and do the same show at Mocrea on Monday the 19th.

Irene is here from Wales - please check her blog at: and then go to Irene's Blog. She is involved in everything and is such a blessing. All the shoe boxes and other aid from Reaching Romania arrived here in Romania Thursday Dec. 8. Irene and a team with Adina, Bogdan, Peter, Christine, Vio and Ioanci have all been helping sort and separate everything by all the lists we had made. Irene is a wonderful blogger and has daily updates of all the visits.

Today she and Danny Luca, who has blessed us with much transportation!, are in Timisoara delivering Widow's Mite gifts. Last night they were at a children's home plus other visits with poor family.

Please do check out Irene's blog! She also has wonderful pictures. please hold Irene and the rest of the team up in prayer for strength, health and traveling mercies. Every one has had their challenges lately!

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Children from the hospital

Adina is at the hospital with the abandoned babies several times every week. She has earned admiration and acceptance by the staff there. We provide cuddling, bathing, diaper changes and clothing as well as crib toys. Every child is prayed over. Adina follows up with the families if they are returned home. The State diligently seeks out the parents that "forget" their children at the hospital. We involve ourselves in these families, what can we do so that they can keep their children at home and safe? Sometimes it is a matter of food, or providing heat, sometimes finding them a place to live.

This is Alexandra, she lives with a wonderful foster family. She is fast losing her sight due to Glaucoma. Adina has found a doctor that will treat her. We are not quite sure what the cost will be but God has richly blessed us by leading Adina to caring doctors that charge nothing or very little. We then just have to pay for medicines and hospitalization. Child protection calls us when they have a child in the foster program with a treatable medical problem. The State has no funds and these children then suffer needlessly.

Iasmina is between her mom and Adina. Little Iasmina was born severely handicapped, including spina bifida, deaf. hydrocephalic, spastic, and several internal organ problems. The doctors suggested placement in an institution as she wouldn't be much more than a vegetable and the father left. We (this is the type of things I do with your generous support!) give $100 a month to help support Iasmina and her mother and I want to share a portion of an e-mail Adina sent me..."She also said something that I need to share with you -she said that she has been blessed since she meet me/us. She has mentioned she is not referring only to the material aspect, (which indeed is a big help to her), but she said she has been blessed in many aspects of her life -she was blessed with a church (she attends my church now), Iasmina goes to Sunday school and has made friends, a christian kindergarten, and has now found a doctor that is helping her much with Iasmina. I'm so happy God is blessing her through us!" This makes me so happy!

This is Argentina. She is being held by Maria, Adina's mom, after her latest checkup. Adina met Argentina and her mom at the hospital last summer. Argentina was repeatedly in the hospital for an infected channel under her eye. Her little eye was sometimes so infected it was swollen shut. The medical staff were concerned that she would lose sight in the eye. Adina visited the mother and Argentina's sibling numerous times after Argentina was released. We tried to support the family and improve the living conditions. The mother disappeared more than once with the children and Adina was so concerned for Argentina. Praise God little Argentina once again ended back up in the hospital and the mother disappeared. Argentina was placed with a foster family and is thriving. Through Adina's persistent searching we were able to find a doctor that would treat the fissure. Argentina is blossoming with her foster family!

Thursday, November 17, 2011

November 19 is World Toilet Day

You may think after all this time of not posting I am making a very frivolous blog - ah contraire! This is a very important holiday and I celebrate it. Sometimes I combine the celebration with Thanksgiving since they are close together - and I AM so VERY thankful for my toilet!

I lived over 6 years here in Romania without running water or indoor plumbing. I was bathing Elizabeth and Sarah with water that was from a hand pump and heated on a wood stove. Going outside to potty at 3AM at -20 temperatures is not something I like to reminisce about. I was just discussing this with Elizabeth and she said she didn't remember having to go outside - that was because you and your sister used a potty-chair!

So - this holiday is MINE and I praise God every time I hear that lovely sound inside the house: of F-L-U-S-H-H-H. When I lived in the States I took many things for granted! Elizabeth thinks I have had many an adventure and need to write a book...someday....

OK - I promise to post a long blog in the next few days, so much has happened!

Thursday, September 29, 2011

a girl named Monica

Monica recently turned 12 years old. Her mother went to Spain to work and left her in the care of the grandmother. Monica missed her mother terribly and stopped eating. Monica's funeral was Tuesday - she died of a broken heart.

Monica began a hunger strike some time ago. Her mother came to see her in December while Monica was confined to the hospital. The reports that reached us was that her mother was less than loving to Monica during the visit. Some other reports were that mom found a new man and he would not accept Monica - a situation all too common here. The grandmother apparently just washed her hands of the entire situation. How could a grandmother do that?

Adina as well as another social worker became aware of Monica's plight and they were faithful to visit her but there was nothing else we could do but pray and supply some diapers. Adina and I prayed over the situation on Wednesday, we prayed that the Lord would either heal her or take her home and end her suffering. Thursday Adina was in Timisoara at another hospital. We help a mother with a new set of triplets and four more children at home. One of the triplets needed surgery right away and it had been postponed twice. Adina went and we gave the mother money to give to the doctor - the little guy got his surgery the next morning. How can a doctor put a child's life in danger over a few dollars?

Adina wasn't going to go and see Monica on Thursday after having to go to Timisoara. She was upset over the situation with the triplet and had spent all day there. Adina stopped anyway to visit Monica and met the other social worker. This other young lady told Adina she decided to stay the night by Monica's side. The grandmother had been notified that the situation was now critical, Monica's heart had stopped once - but the grandmother would not come. Monica slipped away about 4AM but she was not alone.

Once this situation hit the news many people were outraged. Monica has brought many situations here to light. Parents are leaving everyday to work outside Romania and leaving their children in care of people who are not suited for this task or plain and simple, don't care. Monica spotlighted the fact there there are few job opportunities here now and the pay is often below minimum wage or people aren't paid at all in some cases. Monica brought attention to the number of abandoned children and a society that is unprepared to help them. Also the situation a single parent will all too often chose a new mate over their children has received much needed attention. Monica will have made an impact in the world that surrounded her.

Monica is no longer suffering, but so many children still do....

There is nothing this blog can do to help, we will continue to help those we can but most of all I wanted you to know about the little girl who touched our lives.

Friday, September 9, 2011

The last 30 days (or some of it anyhow)

I know that blogs are meant to be short blurbs posted often to keep people updated. Yeah's a few highlights of the last 30 days. I had some photos so it jogged my memory but as many of you know I am not very good at photographing my activities. My days have been jam packed though, that's for sure. Today I sort of felt I hit a wall and slid down to the floor but I know tomorrow will be better! A little while ago Elizabeth was outside practicing her guitar and Sarah was singing with her, Blessed It Be The Name of The Lord. Elizabeth doesn't know all the chords yet but the fact that they were worshiping - together, well it was one of those moments I will hang on to for when they are again at each others throats!

Maria had made a decision to follow Jesus many months ago and wanted to be baptized. She backed out at the last minute because her family was against woman preachers. Maria got really sick and was in the hospital, we paid for her health insurance. She was frightened of death and I was called to the house after she returned from the hospital. Maria's sister came in and said I should baptize her right then. I told Maria I would be back soon and I would pray about the timing of the baptism, I wasn't sure she wanted it or her family had decided because their pastors wouldn't come and do it. The family believed that if she should die before baptism she wouldn't go to heaven, so perhaps a woman preacher would do in such an emergency??? When I was called to her home I took anointing oil and we prayed for her. I told her that in doing this not only was there healing but the scripture said her sins would be forgiven. Peace filled the room and I left. The next day I was in Vinga and I thought the Lord impressed upon me to go and baptize Maria. Two of the church leaders were there with me so we went and baptized her. I really did not want the extended family there so I didn't announce it - I wanted this to be her decision. We sang a few songs after the baptism and when I turned around from Maria's bedside there must have been 40 people there. Maria died several days later - but I know she is with the Lord and has received the ultimate healing. I came to the wake and the family asked me to perform the service. I said I would.

Now they don't embalm, as a rule, in Romania and the people are laid out at home. The wake was 36 hours after Maria passed away, and it was over 100 degrees. Oh my...the night of the wake I suggested we have the funeral outside - to accommodate the people coming. I thought I was being tactful - then the husband commented..."and she stinks too". Well yes, there is that. The husband said he may not be able to get the death certificate so perhaps we should postpone the funeral another 24 hrs. NO! I will bury her without it (not legal). The mayor couldn't send transportation from the house to the cemetery so I used the truck. This is the third time it has been pressed in to service for a funeral procession. The heat the day of the funeral was unbelievable and I couldn't keep the truck going slow enough without riding the clutch so the people said to turn off the motor and they pushed the truck all the way through the village to the cemetery!

Sarah is growing up. There isn't a day that is not a challenge with either Sarah or Elizabeth (usually the both of them). Sarah has started voice lessons and will also take acting when school starts. Just right for my little drama queen.

Cerbu, from Osana, came to minister at Vinga. He brought some friends and the music was awesome! One of the musicians turned out to be a cousin to Bogdan - they were both surprised at meeting in Vinga.

Elizabeth continues to dance in the traditional Romanian dance troupe but she says she will give it up if it conflicts with her guitar lessons. She will also start graphic art lessons in a couple of week.

Rici! Don't drink
out of the hose!!!!

Rici has grown s-o-o-o-o-o big!! He turns two on Sunday. He allows me a chance to be a grandma!

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Trian Update

There are so many awesome things that happen day to day but I hardly ever take the time to share - things that make me happy!

I was at Mocrea this week and Trian was with us as usual. There was a new man sitting at a table with two family members and everyone was uncomfortable. I started a conversation - the family was scared about their relative being in Mocrea - was it safe etc. They weren't sure if they could visit when they wanted. I was at the table so Irina could smoke and Irina starts saying how they are beaten, the food is not edible and so on. The family was horrified, this was their worse nightmare. I tried to tell them there was decent food and enough of it - of course it is not like food at home but they can leave snacks for the guy with the attendant etc. I am there every Tuesday and the patients are not beaten. However, by the very nature of the hospital, and the diverse mental problems, it is not unheard of for fights to break out - it happens. I did not want to make it sound like the guy was now at a resort! I explained that Irina was saying what she was because she is not happy to be in a locked ward - but who really wanted to be there? The one woman said the man's problem was alcoholism and they didn't know what to do. The man himself said he hadn't been drinking and the situation felt pretty hopeless. Just then Trian came over and I told the little group that Trian had been a patient and is an alcoholic. now he volunteers here. Trian talked to the guy - the attendant came out and encouraged them to visit. Trian explained that even after a long period of not drinking you can "lose your mind". You can get meds. here and recover. We stayed and chatted and it just made me happy to see Trian encouraging these guys and the family's concerns eased a little. I also said that the majority of these people are locked up and left but family and concern can make a big difference, not to mention prayer!

Oh - and I have my eye on another guy that I would like to start trying to get him out...he has family that won't accept him home either.

Monday, August 8, 2011

NCA Team

I guess a blog is to post things as they happen - but that doesn't usually work for me. A great team from NCA church in Florida just left on Saturday. They arrived the Friday before and helped me with everything for a week. OK - now I realize why you post-as-you-go - what do I want to share about their visit?

The team was led by Lynsey Ball and her team-mates were Dan De Maso, Tess Combs and Marcia Adams. Each brought with them something special for the week. I will try and post this to fb also as they each have posted stories from their trip.

We have recently started working at the juvenile detention center. The director had contacted me as asked if we could help there. We do a bible study and Monday evenings and are adding a craft time also. Dan De Maso did an awesome bible lesson from Exodus using a soccer ball - the kids hung on his every word. They also got to keep the ball so that left them pretty excited. That will be a difficult act for Bogdan to follow. After the lesson we stayed and the team played games and did puzzles - it was a great evening.

Marcia arrived with a delight for the entire missions experience. She has a special compassion which was exhibited in the way she interacted with the various groups we minister to. After the team left I saw a book near my front door, I had been gathering a few items that had been left behind and thought that one of team members also left a book. The team had left lovely notes for me and the girls but I made no connection to the book. I was so touched to see that the volume of poetry was for me inscribed with a lovely note from Marcia.

Tess is young and seemed up for everything, but what what seemed to make the most impression was her hair braiding with beads! Her fingers worked tirelessly! Diana, a friend of my girls, also wanted her hair done. It takes many many hours for Tess to do a full head with braids and she had already worked most of the day on Sarah, Elizabeth and Vio. Tess started on Diana. it was getting late and Diana's mother called but Diana wanted to get finished. Diana's mother came for her after 10PM but the braids were not done. I was going to suggest that we finish in the morning but Diana's mother said that they were going to Germany the next day and they wouldn't be returning. I asked the mother to let Tess finish with the hairdo and we chatted. I came to realize that Diana didn't want to go to school in Germany, didn't want to leave Romania and certainly didn't want to leave her friends. This hairdo was very important to that little girl. The mother stated that Diana can earn a living several years sooner with the German education system - I also got the impression that the family is not going to be together. Tess hung in there and finished Diana and Diana was happy when she left. I don't know how long it took for Tess' fingers to recover. Thank you for touching lives with your art Tess.

I hope to see Lynsey and her family back in Romania, at least for another missions trip if not a missions assignment. They had served here for a year and had touched many lives. I know they will be a blessing wherever they serve. The team financially blessed many of our projects.

A couple of the things that touched me the most was two donations from children. Dan's sister is a missionary in Thailand, she has an orphanage there. Her children at the orphanage collected bottles and cardboard in Thailand to help the children in Romania - how awesome is that! Also Trinity, Lynsey's daughter, sent all her savings to help either the widows or the children. The funds went to Maranatha Orphanage.

Friday, July 22, 2011

Camp 2011 Day Five

They met in small groups and so many shared their hearts, their hopes and fears. It was a dynamic time.
Time to say good-bye to new friends.

Most of the kids bonded with at least one of the staff - most with more than one. The team that comes are life-changers for these kids.

There was much bonding with leaders

The kids were taken down the hill by a tractor pulling a wagon. It had been raining and the bus driver refused to even try to get the bus up the hill and in to camp(wisdom!)

Well camp 2011 is over. Many of the kids cried as they went down the hill, very few were ready for it to be over - how awesome is that!!! Many of the older kids have decided they want more of the things of God and we have made plans for two weekend retreats for some in depth teaching. Around 6 of the older kids will be trained to be junior counselors at next years camps. This is all such a joy to my heart. I guess I need to start saving for the camps in 2012! The provision of God was so spectacular this year. Including transportation and all expenses it was almost $6000. I sat and pondered that - where did I get all the money???? I love God's provision!! Thank you for your prayers and funds to accomplish this for these kids in the name of The Lord!

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Camp 2011 Day Three

Here is the older Vinga group - h-m-m-m must be plotting something!

The covered wagons as well as the teepees are spacious and comfortable for the kids.

There are several times of music each day - everyone gets involved. I have not been up at the camp this year during the group lessons or the small group discussions and bible study. While I was up there yesterday I was able to visit with most of the kids and the leaders. The kids are having a wonderful time and enjoying the food. Some of the leaders report that a few of the older ones are seriously seeking the Lord as to what He would have them do with their lives; two have said they think they might have a missions call and many of the younger ones are having Jesus really come alive for them. What an awesome week! Tomorrow I go up for the last part of the camp and to get everyone home - I know I will hear even more awesome reports.

Monday, July 18, 2011

Camp 2011 Day 1

The kids arrive in camp. Our final count was 64. The kids were all at the pick-up locations early, eager to go! I had asked about the road in to camp - the last 2 years it was pretty bad. The first year I had trouble with my 4x4 getting up in to the camp. The directors of the camp, Matt & Lorraine, assured me the road was good - yes a bus could make it. As the bus rounded the curve, over the last little hill there were gasps - look a bus made it!! Quick get a picture...OK I did. Didn't I ask...? Yes but we thought you meant a bus in to the area - not all the way in camp - this is a first. Again, unwittingly, I have pushed the envelope!

That's the bus driver in the foreground on the next picture, he looks like he is scratching his head...the kids aren't used to buses or roads like that. Bogdan said, and I quote "...they were throwing up like fountains!" OK - so I tipped the driver!

The camp is old west style with the kids sleeping in either covered wagons or teepees. They have a storefront type building as staff cabins and have added a stage this year. Every year they add on to the camp.

The first meal at camp - lunch. It was really good, I stayed to make sure they all settled in well. Sarah called me later that night to say the boys were beating on their teepee and they couldn't sleep - hey honey - that is the camp experience!

Friday, July 15, 2011

More babies

There is a little one with a cleft palette in the hospital and Adina has found another social worker to help us. There is a surgeon willing to see the baby in mid-august. This is wonderful - we don't know yet how much the surgery will cost but this is a start!

Not too long ago I was talking to a visiting group that when I get a donation I soon know how to spend it. Many times I have prayed for funds in advance and am just waiting for God's timing!

God has provision for the vision!!!

The babies

Adina has been involved with this little girl over several months. She is 5 months old and has what appears to be a blocked channel under her eye. This gets inflamed and swells so much the little one can not open her eye. A nurse told Adina she was afraid the child would lose the sight in the eye. Adina finally convinced the doctor to allow the baby to go to a specialist. This required tracking down the mother for a signature and getting an appointment scheduled. Adina was told to be at the hospital early one morning. We used Rici's old carrier to transport the child in Adina's car. Adina waited 4 1/2 hrs. and no one came. Adina had formula, diapers and toys with her so the little one was happy as a clam to be held that long! After all the waiting Adina was told that there was no anesthesiologist available until the end of the month. How sad - and terribly frustrating for Adina! Getting things done here has never been easy but when a child is involved that needs medical care it can be heartbreaking. With some recent donations we are able to pay for doctors, medicines as well as other needs. Adina supplies some of the moms with clothes, diapers and formula as needed.

Thursday, June 30, 2011

God has not promised...

God has not promised
Skies always blue,
flower-strewn pathways
all our lives through.
God has not promised
sun without rain,
joy without sorrow,
peace without pain.

But God has promised
strength for the day,
rest for the labor.
light for the way,
Grace for the trials
help from above,
unfailing sympathy
undying love.

I received a greeting card with this years ago and framed it - it hangs on my bedroom wall.

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Found the camera...

The Vinga youth group did such an outstanding job in the community with painting tree trunks we had a cook out for them. Almost all the kids from 8 - 18 in the Vinga church are gearing up for summer camp. I think I have almost 60 going, counting Sanicolaul Mic, my village and 3 girls from Timisoara. What a blessing to have the funds - the cost will be $80 per child plus transportation. I started saving last year right after camp.

Widows: This lady is Roza in Vinga. She is really a feisty one, she is picking up a little extra money digging a field, she is almost 80 I think!

Elisabeta is new to the program this month. She represents a new category of the elderly here - she is a beloved grandmother whose grandchild has always helped her but can no longer manage. The granddaughter is a neighbor and is aware of the Widows Mite program and said she was really embarrassed to have to come and ask for help.

I am blessed that I can help! We have added 2 other new ladies to the group also AND because of an awesome yearly gift I am able to add even more plus have the winter wood money. God is s-o-o-o-o-o Good!!!!

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Time is zipping by!!!

Every day I think "I must update my blog! Thus and Thus has happened" Now I am having trouble remembering all the "thus and thuses"! Sigh - don't know if I should blame senior moments or being just plain busy. See - I took some pictures (which is amazing that I remembered) and they would surely remind me of what I wanted to post on the blog...ah and I put the camera where????

One thing for sure I want to tell you about is that Trian is now in his own little apartment. When he first got out of Mocrea he was pretty tentative about everything and did not think he could stay by himself but he has been gaining confidence the last few weeks! Today Trian went to Mocrea with us and was visiting with some of the patients and he told the social worker about having an apartment - she actually teared up and Trian and I both got hugs. One lady said she also wanted to go home with Jackie...ah, not right now. This woman had a terrible case of postpartum depression and has been at Mocrea for years now. I was sitting waiting for the volunteer team and a few mentioned they had no family and I told then they had me, I would be their family and I even visit every week!

Well I guess this is it - until I find the camera!

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Who is Trian?

Trian is a patient at Mocrea. He has been there for 2 years. I don't remember exactly when Trian began to help me serve coffee, soda and cookies to the other patients but he has been doing so each week for some time. Trian and George were best buddies. George passed away 2 weeks ago at Mocrea.

I began to ask Trian about his background - what was he doing at Mocrea? He said he threw away his life with alcohol, he now has trouble with his speech and sort of shuffles a little when he walks. He told me he has been divorced for many years and has twin boys. He made an excellent living - before becoming an alcoholic. Trian is one of the ones, as was George, that do not need to be in Mocrea, a hospital for the chronically mentally ill, but also may not be able to live totally independent. I have wanted sort of a half-way house for some of these patients for a couple of years now but that is a major financial undertaking - not so much to find a house but to pay for someone to be there 24-7, that would take several people (3) in shifts. The patients that could live in that type of assisted living situation more than likely have a pension in place and I thought they could pool the pension money for food and utilites.

Trian had said his father has a large apartment but will not let him return. Before last Christmas I told Trian we would pray that his father allow him back in to his house. Trian said just before Christmas that he was going to his father's and knew it was an answer to prayer. Trian called me New Years Eve with greetings. I asked if he was staying away from alcohol and he assured me he was. Unfortunately the father would not let him continue stay and he had to return to Mocrea shortly after the holidays. Peter, who faithfully goes with me to Mocrea each week when he is in Romania, told him that when he returned in the spring he could come for a visit to his house.

Peter has returned and Trian hadn't forgotten the offer! I talked to the director of the hospital and they thought I was kidding. After assuring them we weren't they said it was fine - EXCEPT they would have to totally discharge him to us, the paperwork would take awhile. I understand the liability of the State - it kind of scared Peter I think. Nah - it's OK! I assured Peter. I told Trian that Adina would visit the father while Trian is at Peter's and we would plead his case and offer weekly family visits for support etc. Trian says he can get a referral to return to Mocrea if he has to - it is my prayer he not have to ever return.

Tuesday we sprung Trian! He wanted to stop by his ex-wife's to pick up some things and leave his laundry. He said she wanted to meet me. She is a lovely woman! I met his sons who are 19 and should be going to Timisoara to school in October. They live in a tiny place. Trian's wife has a good job but she confided in Adina that she has had a really rough life after Trian began to drink and they have been divorced 10 years now. The boys are out of control she says, although Trian doesn't know this. Trian's wife says that the father is a very difficult man and does not think we will have any success with him allowing Trian to return.

The best part is that Trian's wife said Trian can return home when the boys go to school - there is literally no room in their tiny place for one more body. I am so excited! This is so awesome - so...God! Now of course there are just a few little details to be ironed out, ah like October is still 4 months away. I am hoping that it work out so well at Peter's that Trian can just continue to stay until October. The ex-wife is going over today to have lunch with Peter and Trian.

Please hold this family up in prayer!

Sunday, May 15, 2011

I have NOT fallen off the end of the earth...

I can't believe it has been two months since I have updated the blog. Now that I realize there are some people that actually read it I really feel badly when it doesn't get done! So much has happened!

Tomorrow morning a team leaves. Mary Jill from Hungary brought a team of ladies from Scotland to do the Women for Women meetings we had May 13 and 14. Beth Soper was the main speaker and what an awesome job she did. I had met Beth and her husband, American missionaries in Scotland for 27 years, many years ago in the States. Marian, Ellen and Liz were Beth's team and also shared in church on Sunday before Beth preached. I pray that they will all want to return to Romania again! Elizabeth and Sarah want to go with me and visit them all in Scotland.

I continue to prepare for the large summer camp in July. The teen group did a community service project at Easter. They went around and painted the trees of all the neighbors and elderly that would like it done for them. Here they paint tree trunks from the ground to around 4 feet up. I have sought to find the real reason for this but the answers vary! Our youths made an impression in the village! Alas, as often happens, I don't have even one picture! I am taking them to Walter's on Saturday for a cookout and an opportunity to run up the mountain (ah, I'll pass on the run up the mountain part).

Right after Easter George and Anita Ford brought an awesome team from Indiana. They pitched in with everything for a week. I know some of what they saw brought tears to their eyes but I also hope they went home with joy in their hearts. I will be visiting with them in October. Howdy Carolyn, Michelle, Shelly and Amy!!!

Last week when I went to Mocrea I found that George had died. George was horribly injured and disfigured in an explosion years ago. He didn't need to be in a mental hospital but there was no other place for him. I had often talked to him about the Lord but he was embittered that he had been so badly injured and blamed God. I told him he would be whole in heaven and had asked God not to let him die until his name was written in the Book Of Life. I pray that God honored that prayer...I am hoping to see George again some day in heaven.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Women for Women

The pictures aren't in order but this is Mary Jill ministering to the ladies Saturday in Arad. Women for Women is what I called the first meeting we did together with Mary Jill and Certain Women. The ladies really look forward to seeing and hearing from Mary Jill - she brings an anointed word.

Here is our Friday gathering - small beginnings but the subject "The Garden of Your Heart" was mentioned in today's school meeting along with an invitation to our next meeting. The director of the school spoke about us guarding the seed which is our children so they will have a good harvest in their future. Wow - I would say that there was some impact from Friday!

Sunday we were at the Vinga church. We had a guest accordion player, he was invited especially for Mary Jill. Mary Jill brought a good word Sunday also. Three days of ministry is a lot - thank you my friend!!!!
This is a sign on the wall of the school room we were given to use for the ladies meeting in my village of Sofronea. It is a public grade school. You wouldn't see this in the States - it says :"Your every work begins with God" AWESOME!!!!

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Mother's Day

March 8 is Mother's Day in Romania. March 1 is woman's day. There are little decorated pins given to females on March 1 and flowers or gifts on March 8. This day is often a difficult time for us, many of you know the situation with my daughter. The girls sometimes have difficulties being involved with the various school programs on these dates. Mother's Day is a big deal here. Sarah had asked that I be sure and attend the program today, she is in the singing group. Tuesday is Mocrea day but I stayed home. Adina ended up with 3 other volunteers today so my presence was not missed - God is Good!

Elizabeth just came in and borrowed money to buy our neighbor, who helps with the care of the household, a present. I said OK and gave her the money but include her little son in the presentation. Elizabeth then said she had already gotten me something. That was nice, maybe she is healing.

Saturday, February 26, 2011


I received an interesting e-mail - how many widow's could we feed if we had the funding? My answer was that I didn't know. Buying, packaging and distributing the food is a very labor intensive thing also the price of food goes up all the time. Right now I have about 8 sponsors and we have 36 presently in the program - God has continued to provide each month.

The weather turned cold and we again have snow. Since it is the end of Feb. wood supplies have dwindled for the people in the program. We pray for loaves and fishes like provision with the wood.

In the last 2 months we have had several people in the program pass away - our latest is Gavril and now Vilma. Gavril was one of the two men in the program. He was paralyzed and his elderly wife, Florica, took care of him on less than $50 a month. Vilma had been bedridden the last few years and was being physically abused by her daughter. Vilma went to stay with her son, she was 90 and ready to go home to heaven she said!


Adina has been going to Mocrea with me and what a help that has been! Sometimes we have others come and help too. Most weeks we have about 50 patients in the dining-room for crafts and social time, which includes not only snacks but singing and prayer. A week or so ago I found a bottle of bubbles in my Mocrea bag and started blowing bubbles around everyone. The men enjoyed them the most. I had hoped you could have viewed some of the bigger bubbles but you can't see them in the picture. Sometimes I wonder about me - a couple of nurses would look at me and then at each other.

It will be nice when warm weather arrives and the patients can once again go outside. Since they are adding 2 floors to one of the buildings the large dining area is now a dormitory and we are using a smaller dining room for the crafts. The new building will be lovely when completed.

Friday, February 4, 2011


Smilia went home to be with the Lord Thursday evening. Praise God!!

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Smilia and Aurelia

Smilia and Aurelia were the ladies in the Widow's Mite program I wrote about in December. The mother is somewhere in her 80's and Aurelia was in her 60's and profoundly retarded. Aurelia has spent most of the last year curled up in her crib in a fetal position. The mother's one prayer was that the Lord would take Aurelia home to be with Him before she died. The conditions were deplorable and we broke up old fencing to heat their meager room and piled all our extra blankets we had on them both.

We have checked on them often and made sure that they were being cared for - at least a minimal amount. Vlad went down today and Aurelia, the daughter, has gone home to be with the Lord and now Smilia has lapsed in to a coma. The caretaker is sitting with Smilia to wait it out. This is wonderful news to me and I know that everyone that knew of their situation will join me in rejoicing! I look forward to seeing them, as I do many, in heaven.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

What's New?

Gosh - a lot is new! I, along with many people worldwide, have been participating in a 21 day Daniel Fast for 2011. People are reporting some awesome things taking place. In my own life I have seen money literally multiplied in an envelope I was holding in my safe.

The vision for a program to care for abandoned babies has finally begun to materialize. This is the first step - it looks like Daniel's foundation, Humanitas, will partner with the hospital where these babies are kept. Once we establish our credibility and have funds for a building we can move the entire program to our own facility. We need volunteers! Since the facility will be to house babies we calculate it will be cheaper to obtain land soon and then build. I have no idea where the funds will come from yet - but the Lord does!

Also I wrote some time ago about being overwhelmed by a situation where I took in to my home 2 girls. In November I rented the girls and their mother a lovely apartment. The mother was to seek employment after the New year. The mother refused. She continues to self medicate and can not take care of her children. She has refused to let them be taken care of - she says "then who will take care of me?" The girls were no longer attending school regularly and the older girl had run away twice. Last week the older girl called me to pick her up off the street. When I arrived she had her younger sister with her - she was not about to be left behind! We were able to get them safely to a girl's home in Timisoara. We did not exactly do this legally but I gathered what documentation I could. I pleaded with Child Protection. The girls were cold and hungry and were in jeopardy, I had no choice, I could not leave them.

The church in Vinga is growing and we will have two more baptisms soon. I am training leaders and that is going well. We have a weekly prayer meeting that meets in a different home each week as well as a home group meeting. The teens still have a weekly meeting as well as learning English.

Mary Jill and I have another Women for Women meeting scheduled for March 12. The director of Elizabeth and Sarah's school had wanted to attend our last meeting but could not. She asked if we couldn't do a meeting here in Sofronea too. Yes we can! It is unclear whether it will be moms and other ladies in the village or is it the fathers too. We will do the extra meeting March 11. This next meeting on March 12 will be announced on the radio also.

I have hired Adina and Bogdan to help with all the projects. Adina has the heart for the abandoned babies so much of her time will be at the hospital. Bogdan is my Timothy and is in training to be a pastor. He is due to return to Ohio March 31 (if we get a visa in time)! with my pastor for 3 months of intense training.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Happy New Year!

OK, so I meant to do a really information packed Newsletter right after Christmas but in time for the New year. Oops. Instead of that I took the week off and the girls and I headed to Budapest to meet up with our friend, Mary Jill Callery - a long time missionary in Europe. We spent 3 days at the Ramada Aqua World. It was wonderful and I returned feeling stress free (well, as about stress free as I can get). I had a little difficulty in getting the girls back over the border in to Romania. I am going to have to go to court and get the documents straightened out. My attorney as well as the police say that Bucharest may have to write a new law for me as this situation has never come up before.

I will post a couple of more things on the blog later (I know, promises promises). I wanted to post pictures of all the Christmas activities for the widows, mentally ill, orphans and poor - ah, we didn't use my camera. I had pictures sent to me over e-mail and I am sure I saved them - somewhere. When I am involved in all these activities I am not usually thinking about taking pictures - sorry.

Irene and Wayne were here from Wales and together we gave out over 600 Christmas boxes. We had Christmas parties at Mocrea, at my school, at Maranatha Orphanage and the church.

At Vinga we had a wonderful Christmas Eve service including a baby dedication, a baptism, caroling and a candle light service.