Thursday, September 29, 2011

a girl named Monica

Monica recently turned 12 years old. Her mother went to Spain to work and left her in the care of the grandmother. Monica missed her mother terribly and stopped eating. Monica's funeral was Tuesday - she died of a broken heart.

Monica began a hunger strike some time ago. Her mother came to see her in December while Monica was confined to the hospital. The reports that reached us was that her mother was less than loving to Monica during the visit. Some other reports were that mom found a new man and he would not accept Monica - a situation all too common here. The grandmother apparently just washed her hands of the entire situation. How could a grandmother do that?

Adina as well as another social worker became aware of Monica's plight and they were faithful to visit her but there was nothing else we could do but pray and supply some diapers. Adina and I prayed over the situation on Wednesday, we prayed that the Lord would either heal her or take her home and end her suffering. Thursday Adina was in Timisoara at another hospital. We help a mother with a new set of triplets and four more children at home. One of the triplets needed surgery right away and it had been postponed twice. Adina went and we gave the mother money to give to the doctor - the little guy got his surgery the next morning. How can a doctor put a child's life in danger over a few dollars?

Adina wasn't going to go and see Monica on Thursday after having to go to Timisoara. She was upset over the situation with the triplet and had spent all day there. Adina stopped anyway to visit Monica and met the other social worker. This other young lady told Adina she decided to stay the night by Monica's side. The grandmother had been notified that the situation was now critical, Monica's heart had stopped once - but the grandmother would not come. Monica slipped away about 4AM but she was not alone.

Once this situation hit the news many people were outraged. Monica has brought many situations here to light. Parents are leaving everyday to work outside Romania and leaving their children in care of people who are not suited for this task or plain and simple, don't care. Monica spotlighted the fact there there are few job opportunities here now and the pay is often below minimum wage or people aren't paid at all in some cases. Monica brought attention to the number of abandoned children and a society that is unprepared to help them. Also the situation a single parent will all too often chose a new mate over their children has received much needed attention. Monica will have made an impact in the world that surrounded her.

Monica is no longer suffering, but so many children still do....

There is nothing this blog can do to help, we will continue to help those we can but most of all I wanted you to know about the little girl who touched our lives.

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Mary Jill said...

Oh, Jackie!! How very sad this is!! I am sure that you all & especially Adina are reeling from it. Too close to home being a 12 yr old grand-daughter,too!!Let us pray that Monica's story helps change these conditions. I know Adina's heart and yours has been toward abandoned babies, but children!! Terrible! I know God will continue to use you to make a difference! Praying!!