Friday, April 19, 2013


This morning George and Anita, Priscilla and Barbara left Romania.  This was the first time I had met Priscilla but I hope she will be back some time - she is a lovely lady.

I had not seen Barb in almost 2 years - so it was a joy for me to have her visit Romania again. Hopefully it won't be another 2 years until I see her again. She has become a special friend over the years. Barb and Anita brought college students on missions trips to Eastern Europe for many years - that's how I met them!

George and Anita will be returning in June with their granddaughter Riley for another visit. Today would have been sadder for me except that I know they will be back again soon. Their tireless support of me, my family and the ministry here...well there aren't words to express how much they  mean to me.

Vinga Church - Seedtime and Harvest

Sunday April 14 was the big day for the church in Vinga. As usual many people took great pictures and as usual they weren't on my camera.  About two weeks ago, during a bible study group, a scripture in Genesis chapter 8 verse 22 really settled in my spirit. For all the years we have met in Vinga we never had a name for a church.  When I saw Seedtime and Harvest in that verse I knew that should be our name - it describes who we are what we should be about.
The church was filled.  Please note we have new benches, with upholstery and padding, and you do not fall off the end into an aisle any longer if someone in the middle stands up.  When George Ford came to our church several years ago his head scraped our light fixture on the ceiling - that didn't happen this time!
The beautiful cross on the table was a gift from First Presbyterian Church in Vincennes Indiana, who provided us with the funds for this renovation. George Ford made a lovely presentation of the cross to the leadership of the church. Daniel Negrea and I have worked together for 20 years now.  Daniel had the large wooden cross, mounted on our back wall, made for us and also gave us the bible for the table. A friend of his made the crown of thorns that we put on the cross,  Daniel did the praise and worship for the dedication service and we were all blessed.

The building has been extended and there is lovely tile on the floor. We were not able to complete everything before our dedication service due to the weather, but it looked pretty sharp I thought.
Yes! We have a balcony now too!  Many of our children were up there and had a small program of songs and scripture to present at the dedication. The children come on Saturdays at 10AM to our program. Vlad, Alina, Bogdan and Delia are our teachers and do an excellent job. We have two classrooms behind the sanctuary. Our teens meet on Friday evenings and we have begun a young men's group at a small weight room we put in at the local school in Sanicolaul Mic. Sanicolaul Mic is also where we have the music school and Kid's Club.
We were honored to have the mayor of Vinga join us and speak. I really felt this was an affirmation of our presence and work in Vinga.

Anita Ford and Barbara Rose each gave a brief word of encouragement. I also read a note from Irene, Peter and Christine from the UK who were unable to join us for the service.  My beautiful new robe was a present from Anita and George.
George Ford gave the main message and he spoke on seed time and harvest, sowing and reaping.  It meant so much for us to have George here to present the cross and dedicate the renovated building to the Glory of God. This truly is a work of the Lord, provided for by the Lord and blessed of the Lord.  I am honored and humbled that He choose me to participate.  To Him be the glory!