Thursday, December 26, 2013

December 25 getting closer

 On December 18 Sarah was in a piano and voice recital. She played Ode Of Joy and sang Oh Little Town of Bethlehem. She did a wonderful job, I was very proud of her.

As we got closer to to the 25th we delivered presents to widows and widowers in several towns. We have a total of 44 now. Pictured directly above is a family that receives gifts every year, they beg along the main truck crossing. The boy is special as well as having both of his legs amputated at the knees. The other children are in school and usually it is just the mother with her son in the wheelchair. Not an easy life.
 Christmas morning at our house. If you look closely you can see that Sarah now has dark pink dip-dye.
Only a few strands of teal/green hair show here with Elizabeth. She had the back of her hair done. We actually had 4 different gift times on Christmas. We started out at 9AM with Spencer and Lynsey's children, Trinity, Jonathan as well as their weekend visitor Alex coming over for pancakes with Elizabeth and Sarah. They stayed to open their stockings and presents at our house. Lynsey was taking the shift with the babies at the hospital so they would open their Christmas presents later.  They went home and we opened our gifts, The girls gave me a foot bath massage unit - it is awesome! After we once again cleaned up the paper and such Vio and Ioanci with Rici and Cati came over and opened their presents. We all had dinner at Spencer and Lynseys and we got more presents. Lovely day all around.  With all the busyness and gifts, it all still centered on the celebration of the birth of our Savior Jesus!

This Christmas season was incredibly busy and I am blessed that it all got done!  Maranatha Orphanage received gifts and a party as well as many poor families were visited and received gifts. The girls and I are "running away from home" tomorrow and heading to Hungary for several days  to visit with wonderful friends. I have coverage for my baby hospital shift, Vinga church as well as Mocrea on Tuesday.

Thank you for your prayers and following the snapshots of our lives here in Romania with this blog. I think 2014 will be a dynamic year. It was exciting this year to partner with Rock of Hope Ministries. Scott and Carolyn have a wonderful ministry with young ladies. Several of us missionaries meet weekly for bible study, prayer and fellowship. It has been a true time of refreshing for us all. This year also saw the beginning of the Pre-Placed Child Development Program, which has been well accepted and we have seen the Lord do wonderful things. The children's programs at Vinga and SNM are going so well. Marius continues to offer music lessons at SNM. Bogdan is really coming on as a youth leader and also goes to the Youth Detention Center to minister. Spencer has been helping him these last months.  The widows received doctor visits and medicines along with their monthly food and visits, and of course winter wood. If it's Tuesday it's Mocrea. The first week of February I am hosting a seminar on doing camps for the Roma children. I hope it will be well attended and that this will be a beginning of something big! 

May all of you be enjoying a joyous Christmas season as well as a Happy New Year!


 Here is the Osana family. I won't even try to explain what Cerbu has on his head - but he is definitely the life of the party!  Osana is where Beca and Gulia are and they are growing in to fine young ladies!  Osana is building a boys home in Iaonva, a nearby village which will hopefully be ready to open this year.
The girls loved their presents!

Christmas fun at Mocrea

 Cerbu and the girls from Osana, a private Christian girl's facility in Timisoara. put on a Scrooge play and did a puppet show for the patients at Mocrea. Cerbu opened with some upbeat singing and got the patients involved right away.
 Matthew Marshall hauled the bag of goodies to all the patients that were unable to attend the show. Callum King was the super-Santa and Marius Aslau with Danny provided the music. Peter's absence was very much felt as we did these parties. .
Here is Wayne manning the gift table. We had tee-shirts for the men and ladies, sweat shirts, knit caps as well as some underwear for the patients. A new bible was also given to each patient. 
The patients worked on their "goody bags" for three weeks as their craft.. Here is Chris after we finished filling them.  While the show was going on we stuffed the bags with chocolates, hard candies, cookies, cappuccino, hot chocolate and coffee packets.  They were all served several cups of soda during the performance. This Christmas event is one of my favorites. To so many of these patients we are the only "family" to visit them. We are there every Tuesday. My special thanks to Scott and Carolyn Pouncey as well as Traian who are so faithful every week.

Christmas begins

On December 9 a truck load of presents from Reaching Romania in Wales arrived.  Wayne and Christine were on hand, plus some friends and neighbors, to off load them all.  Irene was unable to be with us this year due to the ill health of her mother. The first presents to be transported went down to the Timis area where Vlad visited the 24 widows in that area.
 On December 14 we did 2 very large parties for children in Sanicolaoul Mic and Vinga. In Sanicolaul Mic we served pizza, soda and Christmas cookies before the giving of the gifts. The kids had a music competition which Wayne and Chris had to judge.
 We were blessed this year by having the funds to almost double the size of the building as well as provide a new outhouse, The winter wood has been purchased and is in a new covered area. Progress! 
 Here is Santa Bogdan with the gifts for the Vinga kids. That group is growing, the program is on Saturdays from 10 -12.
 Reaching Romania also sent gifts for every leader.
Every week the leaders take turn providing a snack, usually a sandwich for the children. Most of the kids will not have eaten when they come some may not eat every day.  Spencer and Lynsey bring their children to this program and also take a turn in providing the snacks. The children got Christmas cookies also when they left.