Wednesday, June 13, 2012

A little more update...

I decided not to press my luck with continuing the last post and started a new one. The work with the children, mostly boys, at the detention center is ongoing. We are there on Monday evenings. Tuesdays are still "Mocrea" days". With Adina, who sometimes brings a friend, myself, and Bogdan we are able to work with more patients each week. The Pounceys come and help whenever they can. Thursday is Vinga youth group, Elizabeth is now a part of that and her guitar playing is a great help to our music in Vinga.***************************************************************************************** *************Sarah is still singing and was entered in to an International music competition. When it was her turn to perform her CD would not play, she bravely decided to go on without her music. She received an Honorable Mention. Sarah seemed to be the youngest participant. I will be trying to get her enrolled in private singing lessons before school starts in the fall. Sarah also takes acting lessons.*********************************************************** Elizabeth is singing with the group from the music school in Sanicolaul Mic while visiting a church during a teaching retreat. We have started a project to enlarge the building in Sanicolaul Mic. We hope it will be done before fall. Kay Grover, from England, has raised some money for materials so we have started.******* Elizabeth entered a nation-wide competition in Romanian language and grammar. She got the results 2 weeks ago and seemed displeased. Before hearing how she did I told her she did well to try and not to be disappointed. She said she "only got the bronze" ONLY GOT THE BRONZE!!!!! WOW, that's 3rd place and awesome! I said only one person can win and even placing was an excellent achievement. Elizabeth casually said that she had gotten 1st in the judet, but only 3rd in the country. THE WHOLE COUNTRY! I am proud of both the girls. They have very different talents and personalities. They keep me on my toes, to say the least.*************************************** These 2 pictures are of our recent donation to the TB hospital here in Arad. After being their "guest" on 3 separate occasions I became very personally acquainted with how little equipment they have to do so much! The lady with me is Dr. Olar who has taken very good care of me while I was in the hospital. Johnny Huffman's organization in Louisana ships over the equipment and supplies in his containers and Anton Osinach makes sure they donations get there for me. I am truly blessed as I don't even have to pay the shipping costs, Johnny's organization takes care of the huge expenses.****************************************************************************************************Today one of the babies from the hospital has gained enough weight for the cleft palette surgery to scheduled. Adina is in Timisoara today for the consultation. The little girl's name is Cristina so please pray for her. Also Iasmina, born with spina-bifida among other birth problems, is doing well. She is a delightful little child. Argentina is still doing really well with her foster family and has not needed any additional surgery on the channel below her eye. Alexandra is also doing well. This last year helping with medical costs for the children Adina interfaces with at the hospital has been a new aspect in the work. God has been so faithful with his provision.************************************************************* ********* Isn't this a great picture of Mary Jill Callery? I recently traveled to Budapest to be present when she was ordained into AIM, an apostolic network and charged with the work of pastor. Mary Jill has been functioning in that role as chief Elder of the International Church of Budapest since Feb. 2011. I felt it was important to be there to support her, she is a mighty woman of God! *************I am now going to hit "Publish" then send out an e-mail saying I have FINALLY gotten around to updating the blog! OK - in case I have another long lapse: upcoming is a visit from George and Anita Ford with their daughter Carrie. Carrie has supported a child in Maranatha here and is coming to see what has snagged her mother's heart for so many years here in Romania. On July 2 we start summer camp, probably we will be sending almost 60 kids. The second week, starting on the 9th of July, a small group of teens from both Vinga and Sanicolaul Mic will be junior counselors for another camp. On July 14 Scott and Caroline Pouncey have a team coming that will be helping me! They will be doing some more repair work on George Conta's house and a VBS in the village of Dud. I am excited. The girls and I will be leaving July 23 for the States and returning August 21. On August 30 and 31 we have scheduled a two day, overnight, camp for some Mocrea patients. This will be another first here! Scott and Caroline have opened their girl's house and have the first two girls in residence. This has long been a need here and it is a joy to my heart that they have opened the first house of what we hope will be many! All of these girls require sponsorship so if this interests you please contact me and I will put you in contact with Scott and Caroline. In the future is their horse ranch for therapy for disabled children.*******Thank you so much for all of you and your support - both prayer and financial. Each and every one is so very important to me! Every time I complain to the Lord that there is too much on my plate - he has been faithful to give me a bigger plate!!!!

A quick update

So much has been happening and the days are flying past so quickly that (I have chosen a few pictures from the last several weeks to share with you. The pictures are not necessarily in chronological order.) Also there have been some changes to Blogspot posting so I have to put **** where I want spaces. I got this off of Facebook and thought it might be a great poster picture for the Widow's Mite program. The translation is "Single and alone. A working life of toil with a pension that is not enough. I raised my children with love and now they are in foreign lands. Do not be careless or tomorrow you could be in my place." ********************************************************************************************************************************************* This warms my heart for several reasons. This is John Luca helping Keith Sliwoski mend my gate. John had his halo removed from his head and is regaining the use of his arms and hands! What a miracle his regaining his health and continuing to improve. Thank you every one for your prayers for him and his family. Keith was here for about a week with his daughter Alannah. Keith has a heart for old people and also pitched in at Mocrea. Alannah is here for several more weeks.*********************************************************************************************** Here is Keith. Scott Pouncey and George Conta in front of his brand new fence. What an awesome job Keith and Scott did. George was so happy with it. George got all spiffed up. Here we have Adina cutting George's hair and giving him a shave. She is always ready to try her hand at any ministry, bless her! We were preparing for a hospital visit for his HUGE hernia while the guys built the fence. It turned out to be inoperable - the surgeon says if she puts all those intestines back inside he will no longer be able to breath.