Saturday, February 26, 2011


I received an interesting e-mail - how many widow's could we feed if we had the funding? My answer was that I didn't know. Buying, packaging and distributing the food is a very labor intensive thing also the price of food goes up all the time. Right now I have about 8 sponsors and we have 36 presently in the program - God has continued to provide each month.

The weather turned cold and we again have snow. Since it is the end of Feb. wood supplies have dwindled for the people in the program. We pray for loaves and fishes like provision with the wood.

In the last 2 months we have had several people in the program pass away - our latest is Gavril and now Vilma. Gavril was one of the two men in the program. He was paralyzed and his elderly wife, Florica, took care of him on less than $50 a month. Vilma had been bedridden the last few years and was being physically abused by her daughter. Vilma went to stay with her son, she was 90 and ready to go home to heaven she said!


Adina has been going to Mocrea with me and what a help that has been! Sometimes we have others come and help too. Most weeks we have about 50 patients in the dining-room for crafts and social time, which includes not only snacks but singing and prayer. A week or so ago I found a bottle of bubbles in my Mocrea bag and started blowing bubbles around everyone. The men enjoyed them the most. I had hoped you could have viewed some of the bigger bubbles but you can't see them in the picture. Sometimes I wonder about me - a couple of nurses would look at me and then at each other.

It will be nice when warm weather arrives and the patients can once again go outside. Since they are adding 2 floors to one of the buildings the large dining area is now a dormitory and we are using a smaller dining room for the crafts. The new building will be lovely when completed.

Friday, February 4, 2011


Smilia went home to be with the Lord Thursday evening. Praise God!!

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Smilia and Aurelia

Smilia and Aurelia were the ladies in the Widow's Mite program I wrote about in December. The mother is somewhere in her 80's and Aurelia was in her 60's and profoundly retarded. Aurelia has spent most of the last year curled up in her crib in a fetal position. The mother's one prayer was that the Lord would take Aurelia home to be with Him before she died. The conditions were deplorable and we broke up old fencing to heat their meager room and piled all our extra blankets we had on them both.

We have checked on them often and made sure that they were being cared for - at least a minimal amount. Vlad went down today and Aurelia, the daughter, has gone home to be with the Lord and now Smilia has lapsed in to a coma. The caretaker is sitting with Smilia to wait it out. This is wonderful news to me and I know that everyone that knew of their situation will join me in rejoicing! I look forward to seeing them, as I do many, in heaven.