Wednesday, April 18, 2012


I am in Italy with Anita and my Barb, my good friends. They blessed me with a week of R&R. Yesterday we explored Perugia and today Assisi - fantastic! We got lost coming back from Assisi and local policemen sent us down one of the steepest, narrowest roads I have ever been on. Once we entered it there was no going back. Wish I had gotten a picture of it but was too busy praying!

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Vinga Youth makes me proud!

The youth group from the Vinga church has been growing in the Lord! We went 2 summers ago and helped build an orphanage in Bulgaria. Last Easter we went around Vinga and offered to paint the trunks of the trees white for others. This tree painting is a tradition and is done right before Easter. Many were amazed that the kids did that. This year we tackled another big job. On January 10 I posted a blog about a man by the name of George Conte. He lived in deplorable conditions and also has a huge hernia for which he has refused help. Actually many people have "offered" help from the village of Dud. A neighbor had called an ambulance to try and get George to medical care - George hid! I heard some of the offers and it is no wonder that George refused. I asked George last month if he would let me bring "my boys" to help and clear up all the rubble and trash. He agreed! Right up until we started work people told me he wouldn't let us in.

During the two days we worked we were able to share with George why we do this. Just as we were leaving I asked George if he didn't want to thank the guys, and he did. He looked like he was going to cry when he shook every boy's hand. I took him some clothes and he requested a good razor - which we gave him. George has said he will go for treatment of the hernia after Easter. Some of the Christians also stopped by when we worked and asked why George let me in and not them...Whose heart did you come with I asked? Before you can talk about faith with a person in my opinion you need to give them hope. After we started the work I saw hope in George's eyes! This is the stuff that makes me happy!

More than a ton of trash has been bagged or burned. You could not see in to the yard from the front gate before we started.

Here is the pile of scrap wood we collected in the yard - I contacted a guy and he will have his son chop it all up for George's stove. I made George promise he would let the boy in.

The inner rooms are now clear of rubble and trash. After a fire the roof had caved in. These two rooms will not be repaired - the damage is too extensive. We will fix up the room George now lives in later this year.

We built George an outhouse from scraps there. Not much to look at but better than he had (none!)

Most of the "team" Peter from England was faithful to come and help - he brought the chain saw!

We are putting George's fence back before we left. later this year we will build him a new fence as well as repair the front and side of his house.