Wednesday, June 30, 2010


How could I have forgotten to say that this year we have 45 kids going to summer camp - Praise God! The younger kids, 9-12, are there this week and the teens go next week. Right now I need to get up there, I have 5 homesick kids. I hope I can talk them in to staying until Friday. Needless to say Elizabeth and Sarah are not among the ones who want to come home. Including transportation the total cost was over $3000 but we made it! God is good!!!!! I will post some pictures next week (that is NOT a promise, but I'll try....)

Tuesday, June 29, 2010's been a long time...!!!

I do apologize for not keeping up my blog! This summer is shaping up to be one of my busiest! I have 2 travel trailers parked in my garden now as well as being able to sleep 4-5 in the guest room. Sarah can bunk in with me and that frees up a room with bunk beds AND the couch opens in to a double bed. WOW! Going from not having hardly anyone visit to figuring out sleeping arrangements is an interesting experience, also eating in shifts! Scott and Caroline Poncy and a team arrive next week and will pitch in with the projects while here. Next week a team may go to Mocrea and I can stay home - how exciting!

This week while everyone is at camp I can hopefully catch up on my computer work (I am s-o-o-o-o very late on the last orphan sponsor letters but my computer crashed). I have a lot of financial stuff to catch up on also. Now I can check off my list of things to do "update blog!)PLUS the most exciting thing: I am shopping for a new vehicle - how great is that!!!! Upper Indiana Presbyterian church is blessing me. YIPPEE YAHOO. I need to write a few people about it. I have been witnessing to many about the provision of God and how faithful He has been every step of the way here.

The girls and I go to England July 24 to August 10 and I get to do my almost most favorite thing: lay on a beach! August 15 -21 I am taking a mission team, boys from the Vinga youth group, to Bulgaria to help my good friend Marty Sutton, Obedient Life Ministries, build an orphanage. August 28 is the next ladies meeting. Mary Jill and I are looking at a vacation week in October. Also in October Gena Turley is bring a team here to Romania.

Eye clinic

Ken Cloke and his wife Katy have a foundation and center here in Arad. Ken has been trained to do eye exams and they provide glasses for free or for just a nominal fee. He came to Vinga where we offered free exams. Many pairs of glasses were provided for the the people there. What an awesome blessing!!!!
Elizabeth was a a local village festival and helped represent Sofronea with the traditional Romanian dance. I hope to be able to get her to town sometime this summer to check out the local dance studio for lessons.

Last day of school

The girls look like they are truly best friends here - NOT! They are just overjoyed that this was the last day of school! This week they are at camp and are happy that I am not there with them. Aw shucks girls...

We have a family visiting us from Slovakia - the Toon family, Yancy, Esther, Eilee and Jason. They have pitched in with the work here and their two children are a delight. The Toons are at camp this week with my Sunday school group from Vinga as well as some of the children from the Kid's Club in Sanicolaul Mic. A family from Hungary drove the Toons as well as Mary Jill here the weekend of June 18. This family from Hungary, Sandor, Patricia and Bela (OK so I didn't get a last name!) will be coming back for another visit in July and do a VBS here in Sofronea. They have all been singing in church in both English and Hungarian, it has been a blessing. Yancy will be returning to camp next week to help Bogdan with the teens (another blessing!!)
We had another meeting of Women For Women on June 19. Mary Jill Callery, of Certain Women, was our main speaker and Caye Stiller, of Greater Reach Ministries, gave a powerful testimony of God's faithfulness. Around 40 women came and we will have the last scheduled meeting August 28. I am not sure how many more we will do but there is so little for women here in Romania and the ladies that came really encouraged us to keep going. Our special speaker in August is Paulette Carson and we look forward to that meeting.