Sunday, October 21, 2012

Meet Angi

 Angi lives in a private facility for girls called Osana. Angi is special and can not live independently. She is classified as a volunteer now with that facility since she is too old to receive help as an abandoned child. Angi goes each day to a sheltered workshop and is paid for two hours. Angi was horribly abused in all ways, when she was a child and she took to the streets. She cut herself and is scarred all over her body. Angi found love and acceptance many years ago at Osana and she loves the Lord! She participates in the Special Olympics also and has won a prize for her art. Angi loves to make bracelets out of sting. I recently took her supply, steam pressed them and they are now on the way to a missionary gathering in Croatia and hopefully will all be sold for her. She offered them to me as a gift but I would love to have her get some pocket money.

As I was pressing them I stopped to think - how do I tell people this is what I do?  Pressing bracelets to encourage one young lady?  These type of things make me happy, and I like to think it makes God smile!

I have recently helped place 3 more young girls at Osana and we need more sponsors! This is where Rebecca and Guilia are also. If you know anyone that would like to help these girls, or some of the other facilitates we help sponsor, please email me for more information:


 This is the church in Vinga. The renovations are moving right along. Mostly it is just one or two guys working. Sometimes they need to stop and take paying work, winter is coming.  The congregation is very excited about the "new church". First Presbyterian Church in Vincennes Indiana blessed us with the funds to do this.
 We have taken out some walls near the back to allow for more benches. For those of you who have visited our church, the answer is yes - we are fixing the benches so that you do not fall in to the aisle if someone else stands up first.  The roof has been raised and there will be a balcony when it is complete. We are separating the Sunday School area in the back in to two separate classrooms, each with it's own heating. We are going to launch a new children's program with the 3-7 year old in one class and then the 8-12 year old in the other  The teens meet during the week and are in the regular service on Sunday.  Vlad will be joining Bogdan and Delia to provide instruction for our children. 
The view from the front. We have thermopan windows and doors and a new heater!  The balcony will have a guard rail and steps will be on the outside on the right side.


 The extension of the music school and Kids Club starts just beyond the doorway. We have almost doubled the room inside. Kay Grover from England conducted the fund raising for this renovation with a program called "Buy A Brick"  The school has always been close to her heart.
 At one end of the room some of the children from the Kid's Club are doing a craft following the bible lesson and singing
While Marius is working on some music with some of our students. Music classes are held on Friday and Saturdays and are at no cost to the students. I will need to buy some more instruments.

First Day Of School

 Elizabeth started 8th grade. She is in a hurry to get this year over with and head for high school.  She knows what high school she wants to attend and she knows it will take really good grades - she is motivated!
 Sarah appears to be happy school is starting...she is not. Right now her life is miserable because she is being pushed to get the work done. We'll all make it through this year (I hope!)
And last but not least - this is Rici's first day at pre-school.  He really enjoys it.  It doesn't seem like it has been that long since he was born.

Elderly abuse

This lady is named Magdelina and she is from a village about 100Km outside of Timisoara.  She helped a young man for many years but he is an alcoholic and began abusing her and taking her pension money.  Vlad is still attempting to get the police to get the man out. In spite of all this Magdelina is always joyful and smiling.  So many old people are quietly hit and neglected here.  More and more elderly are needing our help. Widow's Mite is such an important program. The elderly here are among the forgotten ones.

Adina's birthday was celebrated in September. She was surprised. Her cake said "Life begins at 30"  The bakery tried to tell me that they do not put that on cakes here...yeah, so???  Adina is going to Timisoara this week. One of the babies in our program, Christina, is scheduled to have her cleft lip repaired. Adina did a brilliant job in getting the doctor to donate his time. We will just pay for expenses, and maybe medicines. Adina will stay with Christina after the surgery.

Six week catch-up

Elizabeth turned 14 - hard to imagine!  Her latest "craze" is a British/Irish musical group called One Direction. She received One Direction presents and also had to have a One Direction cake. Elizabeth said on FaceBook that this was the best birthday ever - that makes me happy.