Friday, August 27, 2010

Widow's Mite - Ema

Ema has died. In the Widow's Mite program we often have people pass away. Ema's first language was Serbian I think and she also spoke Hungarian. She was hard of hearing and somewhat senile, I was not able to share much with her verbally. I was able to tell her Jesus loved her and and He had sent me to help with food. I hope I meet up with her in heaven some day. Ema had been transported to a chapel in a cemetery just two hours before I arrived with her food on Wednesday. I asked about a service and they said she would be buried the next day. She had no family left and I thought how sad to be buried without anyone to say goodbye so I planned to attend. They never called me with the time or place so perhaps there was no service. Ema mattered to me and I just wanted to share this with you.


What an awesome time we had in Bulgaria! Marty Sutton has a wonderful vision from the Lord for multiple children's homes. He has received great favor, they have paved the road in front of the property, and there are now plans for a State sewer system so Marty does not have to worry about septic tanks.

I led a group of 3 adults and 5 of the young men from the Vinga church youth group. They worked very hard for 5 days. I did the cooking. The guys stayed on site but I stayed in town and returned every day after doing the shopping with Marty.

It was my vision to not only help Marty and be a part of his vision but to involve the Vinga youth in missions. I have a tendency to have big dreams and vision and just go forth and then part way through I often say to myself "What were you thinking!" But as with all the plans that are of the Lord - nothing is too big for Him! We were all blessed and look forward to helping out again, all the boys wanted to stay longer and do more. You notice I didn't say adults - we were ready to come back home! Ah, to be young and strong again....

Girls in England

We had a lovely time visiting Kay in Paignton England. The girls enjoyed the zoo, I ended up taking them. There was a water park there and we took in a movie with Kay. I just wanted to add a few pictures to the last post. They are growing up. Kay did crafts with the girls, which they totally loved and we were able to go to their group meetings to worship with Kay and her friends. We look forward to Kay being able to return to Romania for a visit.