Friday, July 22, 2011

Camp 2011 Day Five

They met in small groups and so many shared their hearts, their hopes and fears. It was a dynamic time.
Time to say good-bye to new friends.

Most of the kids bonded with at least one of the staff - most with more than one. The team that comes are life-changers for these kids.

There was much bonding with leaders

The kids were taken down the hill by a tractor pulling a wagon. It had been raining and the bus driver refused to even try to get the bus up the hill and in to camp(wisdom!)

Well camp 2011 is over. Many of the kids cried as they went down the hill, very few were ready for it to be over - how awesome is that!!! Many of the older kids have decided they want more of the things of God and we have made plans for two weekend retreats for some in depth teaching. Around 6 of the older kids will be trained to be junior counselors at next years camps. This is all such a joy to my heart. I guess I need to start saving for the camps in 2012! The provision of God was so spectacular this year. Including transportation and all expenses it was almost $6000. I sat and pondered that - where did I get all the money???? I love God's provision!! Thank you for your prayers and funds to accomplish this for these kids in the name of The Lord!

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Camp 2011 Day Three

Here is the older Vinga group - h-m-m-m must be plotting something!

The covered wagons as well as the teepees are spacious and comfortable for the kids.

There are several times of music each day - everyone gets involved. I have not been up at the camp this year during the group lessons or the small group discussions and bible study. While I was up there yesterday I was able to visit with most of the kids and the leaders. The kids are having a wonderful time and enjoying the food. Some of the leaders report that a few of the older ones are seriously seeking the Lord as to what He would have them do with their lives; two have said they think they might have a missions call and many of the younger ones are having Jesus really come alive for them. What an awesome week! Tomorrow I go up for the last part of the camp and to get everyone home - I know I will hear even more awesome reports.

Monday, July 18, 2011

Camp 2011 Day 1

The kids arrive in camp. Our final count was 64. The kids were all at the pick-up locations early, eager to go! I had asked about the road in to camp - the last 2 years it was pretty bad. The first year I had trouble with my 4x4 getting up in to the camp. The directors of the camp, Matt & Lorraine, assured me the road was good - yes a bus could make it. As the bus rounded the curve, over the last little hill there were gasps - look a bus made it!! Quick get a picture...OK I did. Didn't I ask...? Yes but we thought you meant a bus in to the area - not all the way in camp - this is a first. Again, unwittingly, I have pushed the envelope!

That's the bus driver in the foreground on the next picture, he looks like he is scratching his head...the kids aren't used to buses or roads like that. Bogdan said, and I quote "...they were throwing up like fountains!" OK - so I tipped the driver!

The camp is old west style with the kids sleeping in either covered wagons or teepees. They have a storefront type building as staff cabins and have added a stage this year. Every year they add on to the camp.

The first meal at camp - lunch. It was really good, I stayed to make sure they all settled in well. Sarah called me later that night to say the boys were beating on their teepee and they couldn't sleep - hey honey - that is the camp experience!

Friday, July 15, 2011

More babies

There is a little one with a cleft palette in the hospital and Adina has found another social worker to help us. There is a surgeon willing to see the baby in mid-august. This is wonderful - we don't know yet how much the surgery will cost but this is a start!

Not too long ago I was talking to a visiting group that when I get a donation I soon know how to spend it. Many times I have prayed for funds in advance and am just waiting for God's timing!

God has provision for the vision!!!

The babies

Adina has been involved with this little girl over several months. She is 5 months old and has what appears to be a blocked channel under her eye. This gets inflamed and swells so much the little one can not open her eye. A nurse told Adina she was afraid the child would lose the sight in the eye. Adina finally convinced the doctor to allow the baby to go to a specialist. This required tracking down the mother for a signature and getting an appointment scheduled. Adina was told to be at the hospital early one morning. We used Rici's old carrier to transport the child in Adina's car. Adina waited 4 1/2 hrs. and no one came. Adina had formula, diapers and toys with her so the little one was happy as a clam to be held that long! After all the waiting Adina was told that there was no anesthesiologist available until the end of the month. How sad - and terribly frustrating for Adina! Getting things done here has never been easy but when a child is involved that needs medical care it can be heartbreaking. With some recent donations we are able to pay for doctors, medicines as well as other needs. Adina supplies some of the moms with clothes, diapers and formula as needed.