Sunday, July 17, 2016

Summer already????

Well hopefully I will get the cast off my leg tomorrow. This has been a long 5 weeks.  Posting to my blog is the last catch up item on my list - YAH!!!!

There are so many awesome things that have happened since I last posted that I settled in today for a marathon update, loaded with lots of pictures...but thought better of it. I really want to share that like everyone else life is full up ups and downs.  I am blessed that I have friends that stick with me during all these times and I am most blessed that the Lord never leaves nor forsakes me. I am still deciding whether or not to have a hip replacement. Without it long distance traveling is off the program. I put the surgery off because I could not afford 6 weeks off - then I broke my leg. HMMM guess I COULD take 6 weeks off - what did I know.

This summer we are doing at least 3 Grain Game Rromi camps. The first one was for our Pesac kids and it was awesome. Tomorrow Bogdan and Steven leave for Brasov where we do a second one and then Aug. 8 starts a big camp in Bulgaria with Marty Sutton. We will try and do two more camps but only for a couple of days each: Vinga and Dud.

The Vinga church is doing well with the children's program. Spencer, Lynsey and Bogdan do an awesome job.  2nd Chance (school dropouts can return to school) and the Vinga teen program are off for the summer. The baby program is still facilitated by Lynsey. She trains volunteers and works with the babies. She has such a wonderful anointing for this. Spencer is running a discipleship program with some young men, good fruit coming from that. Mocrea is still a weekly project, Scott and Carolyn are faithful to help each week along with Steven, Bogdan and Traian.  I have just finished the orphan sponsor updates today. We have lost a couple of our Widows the last few months but are adding others!  I have already bought one widow's winter wood - she was so anxious that she wouldn't get any so I went ahead and got hers now. It makes her feel secure just to see the woodpile outside in her yard. It is July and I as of yet do not have any excess funds for their winter wood for this year.

And of course Elizabeth and Sarah. Sarah has been an invaluable help to me since I have been hopping with a walker. She is expanding her knowledge of cooking.  Elizabeth is with Eurotrek for a month, in 4 countries doing camps for children with Grain Game. Thank you to everyone that helped her get there! We are saving for Africa in 2017!