Sunday, July 17, 2016

Summer already????

Well hopefully I will get the cast off my leg tomorrow. This has been a long 5 weeks.  Posting to my blog is the last catch up item on my list - YAH!!!!

There are so many awesome things that have happened since I last posted that I settled in today for a marathon update, loaded with lots of pictures...but thought better of it. I really want to share that like everyone else life is full up ups and downs.  I am blessed that I have friends that stick with me during all these times and I am most blessed that the Lord never leaves nor forsakes me. I am still deciding whether or not to have a hip replacement. Without it long distance traveling is off the program. I put the surgery off because I could not afford 6 weeks off - then I broke my leg. HMMM guess I COULD take 6 weeks off - what did I know.

This summer we are doing at least 3 Grain Game Rromi camps. The first one was for our Pesac kids and it was awesome. Tomorrow Bogdan and Steven leave for Brasov where we do a second one and then Aug. 8 starts a big camp in Bulgaria with Marty Sutton. We will try and do two more camps but only for a couple of days each: Vinga and Dud.

The Vinga church is doing well with the children's program. Spencer, Lynsey and Bogdan do an awesome job.  2nd Chance (school dropouts can return to school) and the Vinga teen program are off for the summer. The baby program is still facilitated by Lynsey. She trains volunteers and works with the babies. She has such a wonderful anointing for this. Spencer is running a discipleship program with some young men, good fruit coming from that. Mocrea is still a weekly project, Scott and Carolyn are faithful to help each week along with Steven, Bogdan and Traian.  I have just finished the orphan sponsor updates today. We have lost a couple of our Widows the last few months but are adding others!  I have already bought one widow's winter wood - she was so anxious that she wouldn't get any so I went ahead and got hers now. It makes her feel secure just to see the woodpile outside in her yard. It is July and I as of yet do not have any excess funds for their winter wood for this year.

And of course Elizabeth and Sarah. Sarah has been an invaluable help to me since I have been hopping with a walker. She is expanding her knowledge of cooking.  Elizabeth is with Eurotrek for a month, in 4 countries doing camps for children with Grain Game. Thank you to everyone that helped her get there! We are saving for Africa in 2017!

Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Spring has come in Romania (I think)

We had the strangest winter weather, but then it seems most of the world did too.  So if it is spring, or almost, what  happened to the rest of fall and the winter?  Since I have been s-o-o-o-o-o negligent in keeping up the blog I'll just try to quickly play catch up and then hopefully do better!  Oh my, how many times have I said similar things over the years?...but I always mean it...honest....

The Christmas season was busy as usual. Irene, Wayne and Adina were on hand to help accomplish all the distributions and parties.  They did so much of the work this year, it was an awesome blessing for me.

All the widows had been given wood by November. Many of then had to have much more purchased over the winter as we have several that were home bound and two that were bedridden.  We lost Roza this winter, she knew the Lord and just wanted to go home. She refused medical help and medicines near the end, she just wanted this life to be over.  She is happy now!  I was shocked to find that Roza was only 3 years older than me, which makes Cati quite a bit younger. Amazing! We also lost Rozalia. She had been very ill with complications from her diabetes and had lost both legs. I half expected we would lose Ana and Anton but they have made it this far. They both know the Lord and await going to see him. Although it has been much warmer than normal we just bought a little more wood today for Cati.  Ekcaterina ia now also very ill and is staying with a niece.  Your prayers are appreciated for all the widows and widowers in the program.

Vinga is going very well with all the young peoples ministry. Spencer, Lynsey and Bogdan are doing a super job with the younger children. It is so exciting to have them share verses and songs at church on Sunday. Bogdan continues to head up the teen group as well as the ministry at the detention center. We are blessed to have Steven Goodwin here until October. He has a heart to disciple the boys and minister to children in general. He and Bogdan are making a super team.  Spencer is sharing the preaching roster on Sundays and has a good word to share.

2nd Chance has not started up again after Christmas. We know the State would rather the program didn't continue but so many youngsters dropped out of school and need something like this propgram. I pray they start up again soon and that we can get more teens in to the school.

We have a super team helping in Mocrea!  Scott and Carolyn not only do the driving for the team but pitch in with all the activities. They are a vital part to ongoing ministry there at the mental hospital.  Scott, Bogdan and Steven just completed installing new doors on our craft cupboard. When the old one broke we lost  a great deal of our craft supplies. Edith is on hand every week to help, especially with the refreshments. Of course Traian is also with us each week. he is a joy to my heart.  We will be losing Edith at the end of March, she needs to return to New Zealand. She will be missed by us.

Lynsey is still doing a great job at the hospital with the Unplaced Child Development Program. She is there almost every work day and trains all the new volunteers.  Without her that program would not be able to continue.

The children at Maranatha and Osana are all doing well. Thank you to all of you who sponsor a child.

Elizabeth and Sarah are both chugging along through teen-hood. I am very much the chauffeur.  They are so different from one another but both beautiful and talented.  Elizabeth will be going on Eurotrek with Grain Game and Sarah is helping with Grain Game Rromi. She will be accompanying us to Bulgaria to do a summer camp as well as the camp with the Pesac kids. Elizabeth is still fund raising for her summer travels. She has written a tour guide of the historic buildings here in Arad and gives tours. If this is of interest to anyone please contact me. If even if you can not visit us for the tour Elizabeth can e-mail or mail you a booklet.

Saturday, October 3, 2015

Elizabeth turns 17!

Wow - where did the years go?  We have always been "The Americans" here.  So many people are amazed at how well the girls know the Romanian language. They can not get their minds around the fact that Romanian is their first language.  No I am not quite the typical grandmother here. I like to think that I can do (or used to be able to do) almost anything. Why I could ride a horse, ride a motorcycle, do work on the Space Shuttle, raise children, build simple structures, shoot, cook and clean...but alas I fall short on what almost all, if not all Romanian grandmothers can do - BAKE A CAKE!  Elizabeth wanted a carrot cake with cream cheese frosting. Can I do that she asks? Well sure I say.  The results:
Before Elizabeth saw the cake I told her to remember I made it with a lot of love. Not very pretty is it.  Also I didn't have the number 7 to make up the 17.  Hey - the numbers add up to 17!  I couldn't get the numbers to stay on the top of the cake - the surface was too uneven. The cake tastes good and Elizabeth was happy with it - that's the important thing.

Grain Game camp in Vinga

Just before school started in Sept. we had a week long Grain Game camp for the kids in Vinga aged 8-12. Fifty two attended during the week. Bogdan Galea did the gospel demonstrations and teaching, Callum King and an awesome team from World Race did games and crafts while Elizabeth and Samy Novak covered the music. Everybody had a really good week.                                           

  These were a great group of kids!

Making masks - Callum and his team came up with great crafts everyday

We had rain for two of the days but had enough floor space for indoor games on those days

Bogdan did a truly great job of presenting the gospel through the GG demonstrations. The vision of GG is for the gospel to reach every child of every nation. 

Saturday, August 8, 2015

My Sarah

 It doesn't seem like I write as much about Sarah as I do the activities of her sister Elizabeth.  Sarah is having a good summer. She hadn't particularly liked the first 8 grades of school but she loves high school and is anxious for the fall semester to begin. She enters the 10th grade. She rides the train to town and back every day and that is the focal point of her social life. If I need to discipline her the biggest threat is that I would drive her to and from school!  Elizabeth would love that and wants to know why I never threaten her with that.  The girls are as different as night and day but both are a joy to my heart. Raising teens is not for the faint of heart however. Sarah is so photogenic. She would love for me to allow a tattoo or a few piercings...ah no.  Just wanted to take a moment to spotlight this gorgeous young lady.


While Elizabeth was slaving away doing camps Sarah and I were able to get a week at the Black Sea in Bulgaria. We went with the Poncey's and their girls.  It was a long drive but I so enjoy the ocean and poolside.  Scott and Carolyn as well as Tammy and Randy, visiting after a wedding, went with the girls to a water park and parasailing too. The parasailing was the highlight of the trip.  Here are some pictures:

Sarah and I both enjoyed the trip
Anghelina and Sarah on the beach
View from Apt. balcony
The lovely pools

Elizabeth and Eurotrek

Elizabeth has been a Grain Game camper for years and last year was a junior leader.  This summer she joined Eurotrek.  Eurotrek is Grain Game in Europe. Elizabeth had the opportunity to spend one week in the Ukraine, two weeks in Serbia and two weeks in Romania.  Fundraising in Romania is not an easy thing to do. Kids don't have part time jobs as a rule, they don't pay babysitters and you can't do car washes or bake sale type of projects. She wisely decided it would be somewhat rude to write to the supporters of my work and just ask for money (although some helped of course). We brainstormed and came up with nothing. I do not have the funds to just send her, besides I wanted her to raise her own funds as much as possible. I did sell a trailer just before she left which helped! Elizabeth has been invited to a Grain Game function in Alabama in January and has already made plans to join Eurotrek next summer. She feels drawn to Africa and would like to make a trip there and work with Grain Game Africa after high-school graduation. As she is gushing about her future my mind is adding up expenses... but I do know God has provision for the vision so I wasn't worried. He has provided for us here all these years.

During a week of alternate education Elizabeth took a walking tour of Arad. The city is full of old places and historical buildings. She was excited to share what she had learned with me when she got home..."LIGHTBULB MOMENT"  We decided that many people might like a similar tour of the city.  Teams of visitors come in and out all year and she could handle groups. Elizabeth has made up a booklet to hand out after the tour.  We will be advertising her tour soon on Facebook and maybe sending out e-mails. Of  course if people aren't coming to Romania and wish to support Elizabeth they will be mailed the booklet.  We are excited about this and it will give her ownership of her ministry. I am so joyful of the paths she is choosing.  Elizabeth will also help us with the Vinga camp next month.
Elizabeth in Serbia

Chip and Elizabeth