Wednesday, September 23, 2009

I did not fall off the end of the earth...

I apologize for not posting anything during our holiday, nor since returning home.

The girls and I had a wonderful time visiting in the States. It is such a joy to be able to spend time with friends! The girls spent innumerable hours in pools, visited King's Island in Ohio as well as the Aquarium and Zoo there. They went canoeing and camping with my pastor. They had their first visit to a cinema, went to Chuck E. Cheese as well as as Build a Bear! They were being spoiled rotten and they knew it!

Usually when I am in the States for 4-5 weeks by the 3rd week my heart is on it's way back to Romania. This year was different. By the start of week 4 I was not near ready to return to the fray. I wondered if the last year or so had taken a bigger toll on me that I realized? I spent time meditating on the fact that my days in Romania could be drawing to a close...but then the spark hit and I know at least for this season there is more the Lord would have me do here in Romania. A few people mentioned that perhaps it would be better for the girls if we were to live in the States - there are so many more advantages. Yes, that is true in one way, but then I thought about the girls running free in the village, coming home when they hear the cows leaving the fields or when the village church bell tolls, my being able to discipline the way I think should and not looking over my shoulder to be accused of child abuse, the girls can pray in school and there are choices on which religious instruction to take or the parents can opt out. Elizabeth would like a year of study in the States in the future but we have time.

I have closed the food bank building. I could not continue to pay the rent and buy all the food. A missionary friend still has a lead to large quantities of donated foods in the future and I need to meet with Daniel regarding a building for us. I definitely learned a lot these last 6 months about food distribution! I need a large building in a non residential area where people can come - I can not deliver any longer as the list is over 200 families. As many of you know, riots in nice neighborhoods are a no-no. This project remains my passion and I look forward to seeing what God will do!

Widow's Mite is still expanding, and Praise God we have the funds for the winter wood for all of them!!!!

We are starting up the youth group in Vinga this evening - please pray for us! I have met with a very nice young man that has a heart to become a youth pastor - YIPPEE YAHOO! Keep praying for music for the Vinga services.

Thank you for all your prayer and financial support!