Tuesday, April 28, 2015


It is so exciting to see the girls at Osana mature and grow!  I was there recently for a visit with Irene from Reaching Romania (this charity in the UK sponsors children  as well as supports many other of the projects I am involved with here in Romania) Christine and also Grant Croxford were also with us.  Grant sponsors at Maranatha and came to Romania for a week to visit and help in several of the projects we have.  I love to have people come and see the work firsthand.

The taller two girls in the back row are especially close to my heart. I have been involved in their lives since they were born. Their mother is in Mocrea and I visit with her each Tuesday while we do the program for the patients there.

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Spring has sprung!

We had a really mild winter, which was wonderful in helping our wood supply stretch. I know the elderly in the Widow's Mite project were blessed.  Just last week we bought a little more wood for our two sisters in the program from Vinga.  I had taken pictures as we had visitors but I also have a new operating system on my computer so I have no idea where they may be hiding in my system. Cati, one of the sisters has apparently had a stroke - her right arm is paralyzed so she has great difficulty in cooking and cleaning. Her older sister Roza has gangrene in both legs. She has deteriorated a little more every time I see her. It is amazing she is still on her feet. She is waiting to die. She refuses to go to the hospital as she says they will amputate and she can not get  long in a wheel chair.  Irene, from Reaching Romania as well as Christine from England visited the sisters last week. Grant Croxford was also a visitor here for a week.

I will see her again tomorrow.  I will offer to take her laundry home and take her some food she won't have to prepare. I pray for relief from the pain.