Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Please agree with me in prayer

I returned from Leysin Switzerland Saturday morning. It was an awesome 3 days - it is called a Time of Refreshing - and so it was! Nothing restores and refreshes like the presence of the Lord!

My daughter Kathleen is due to be released tomorrow from prison in California. She will probably be transferred to another detention center to resolve some other charges but should be given time served and then released. She requested to be released to our pastor in Ohio but it is doubtful that will be allowed HOWEVER God can move heaven and earth in her favor - if it is His will. I know friends worry about how hard it is on me every time Kathleen falls - but one of these times she won't - God promised me. Maybe this time will be the time. I stood for her in prayer from Malachi chapter 3:8-12 (I am a tither and a giver so the promise is mine) for 7 years. She came to Romania and was clean for 7 years, she has begun her 7th year in the mire again - BUT I declare in the heavenlies that THIS 7th year is the year of Jubilee! Please agree with me in prayer on this!

Monday, October 12, 2009

I am still alive ...honest!

Just a quick note - I apologize that I have not been faithful in keeping up the blog. I am leaving in about an hour to travel to Switzerland. A ministry in the States sponsors a Time Of Refreshing for missionaries. It is 3 days of Praise and Worship, good talks, great food. pampering and rest. YIPEE YAHOO! I am looking forward to seeing and sharing with others serving in Europe.

I am in search of wood for the Widow's Mite program. The man who usually supplies some of the wood said there is a problem this year with getting A permit for forest cutting. I was hoping that we would have also found a source in the judet of Timis by now - but we haven't. The temperature is due to be zero and below in the coming nights this week. No one was totally out of wood yet so I have a little time. The funds are here - I just have to find the wood!

The Christmas shoe-box gifts will be on the way here by around the third week of October. Reaching Romania has taken on the huge task of supplying gifts for 400 children. We also have 140 patients at Mocrea State mental hospital and 34 Widow's in the Widows Mite program. Irene and Wayne Phillips of Reaching Romania come to help distribute the gifts and usually Peter Grover is here also to help. Distribution is a huge job!

We continue to visit in Apple Way, this is a squatters settlement. Claudia's "house" was insulated for the winter by Walter. Walter has been developing relationships there with visits and bike repairing.

The church in Vinga is growing! Bogdan and I are doing the teen group on Thursday evening and Liga, Bogdan's girlfriend, and Dalia, Bogdan's mom, are doing the Sunday School. I am praying for a youth pastor and musician for the church.

I am not going to edit this so I hope it makes sense - I just wanted to let you know I am still here!