Thursday, January 28, 2010

Vinga Youth goes skating

Last Friday I took the entire youth group, all 17 of them, from Vinga ice-skating and then out for pizza. None of the kids had ever been skating. By in large they all had a lot of fun. A small group quit after just a few minutes saying that it hurt their feet and they were afraid to fall. I took that opportunity to talk with them about life in general. If you afraid to try new things because you might fall or something might hurt you you will lead a very dull life. I told them I had prayed for them all not to break anything and they should have a sense of adventure and go for it. All but two went back and tried. I did not think it would be wisdom, with my knees, to get out there with them however!

We continue to work in Apple Way at the squatter camp. I am not sure what can be done for these families when the demolition starts in the spring. Claudia's baby died in the womb at 6 months. She is around 19 and this was her 4th child. As they were going to administer the anesthetic for the C-section she requested a tubal ligation. The same day she was taken by ambulance to the hospital her house burned - again. They steal their electricity and it was a faulty connection. When I saw how many things were wired in to one line I shuddered. I tried to explain to Ramos but he was not interested in listening. At least the damage was not extensive this time.

I need to move out of the school. I am praying about extending the church building in Sanicolaul Mic to accommodate the music lessons and Kid's Club. I need to hear from the Lord! Some have asked if I am not going to be reimbursed for the funds I put in to the renovation of the school - no I am not. That is the law here, however I was able to stay on for some time after the judgment in court. I need to sort out the property taxes since the school and the church are tied together in one enormous tax bill.

Everything else is going along pretty well. As usual I am sorry I don't post more often!