Tuesday, July 28, 2009

We're off...!

I think I have covered all the bases before we leave to the States. Irene and Wayne are on their way here and we will pass in the airport. The girls are very excited and I am definitely looking forward to a rest. I don't travel as well as I used to but I still love it.

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Getting ready to leave

Suddenly last week I realized I was almost out of time - the girls and I leave the morning of the 29th for the States. There was so much work not done. I am trying to have everything ready for Irene and Wayne when they come, they will take care of the ministry with Peter's help while I am away.

Also I need to take some sort of write up about how the projects are going and maybe a few pictures.

I almost have everything done as of this evening. We are not packed but at least most of the clothes that we will be taking are clean and ready to be packed.

I am looking forward to seeing friends and generally not doing much! The girls are looking forward to seeing our friends, swimming a lot and eating beef! Hey, that sounds good to me too. Unfortunately I will need to shop for some clothes when I arrive - I have gotten s-o-o-o-o-o FAT since quitting smoking.

Also please include my daughter Kathleen in your prayers. I know what God has promised me and I await the promise.

Friday, July 17, 2009

Vinga kids at camp

13 of the youth from Vinga went to summer camp last week. We integrated with two other groups. Integrate is a good word here because I brought "The Gypsies". Some of the volunteers and staff were apprehensive, as were the other campers. There were some of the usual under the breath slurs when we arrived but it was OK. The first night my kids misbehaved and did not respect the authority of the adult assigned to their tent or wagon. This camp has big Indian Tee-pees and old western style covered wagons as bunk areas for the kids. The staff have rooms that are like a western storefront. Pretty cool actually. Matthew, Lorraine, Adi and Tabita did a wonderful job in administration and keeping all the kids fed etc. A team from Alabama came and did the programs - they were awesome! A group from Scotland also volunteered.

The kids had a wonderful week. The gospel was presented to them in ways they had never heard. Many people learned that they are just kids, culturally different perhaps, raised differently maybe, but kids all the same. There were 9 kids that made a decision to become Christian, and 8 if them were my kids - how great is that!

We knew that when they returned to Vinga it would not be easy - they would be made fun of etc. I was afraid they would think that this was just a summer camp experience and not a life changing decision...so I invited the whole team to church on Sunday in Vinga! There were 23 of them. They bought our kids a ping pong table too. The church was told how special our kids are etc.

Baptisms Elizabeth and Sarah

Sarah about to be baptized

Elizabeth immersed

Mori, Elizabeth and Sarah immediately following the baptisms.

Mori came to me several weeks ago and said she was ready to be baptized. I told her I would schedule it in a few weeks, which would give me time to talk to her and be sure she understood what baptism was and what baptism was not.

I had talked to my pastor when he was in Romania in March about Sarah being baptized. She has wanted to be baptized for a while now. I asked him to talk to her. Elizabeth didn't say much. When Sarah heard I was scheduling a baptism she wanted to be baptized right then. I said that it might be easier on her if she was baptized in the States by Pastor Rich for three reasons: first woman don't pastor here and they sure don't baptize; children under 16 are not baptized; and I was the grandmother. Sarah listened to all this and her response was something like "does the bible say what age I have to be? Does the bible say you can't do it? So, what's your point?" OK Sarah... Elizabeth was just listening and remarked that it was too bad she couldn't be baptized. I went through all the things that I feel should be in place before a person is baptized...she had no trouble with any of that, she knows what she believes and in Whom she believes. What is the problem Elizabeth? I didn't want to push her, the girls are still very young. Elizabeth said that so often she knows what she should and should not do but she goes ahead and does the wrong thing anyway so she wasn't yet good enough to be baptized. Boy did I have good news for her!

It was a very special day.

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Quick Update!

Walter and Ionci poured cement for Claudia's floor in their new shack. It isn't very pretty but they stay dry. We took beds and a small gas stove as well as other household goods. They are so happy with everything.

Elizabeth is doing a great job being in charge of crafts at Mocrea. Last week they dipped their hands in pain and then decorated the hand-prints. I have to say that was not a craft I would have tried but everything washes! Thanks to the new craft supplies we have a lot to choose from now.

My youth leader in Vinga quit and the kids had been promised a picnic and play day. I didn't want to disappoint them so I took 16 teens up to Taut for the day. They had a great time (and I survived!)

We have added 6 new widow's to the Widow's Mite program within the last few weeks and I have inquiries about adding more. There are so many but I am going to keep adding them and believing for the funds! The definition of faith: the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen = works for me!

I am taking the kids from Vinga to a summer camp tomorrow - pray for me!