Friday, July 17, 2009

Baptisms Elizabeth and Sarah

Sarah about to be baptized

Elizabeth immersed

Mori, Elizabeth and Sarah immediately following the baptisms.

Mori came to me several weeks ago and said she was ready to be baptized. I told her I would schedule it in a few weeks, which would give me time to talk to her and be sure she understood what baptism was and what baptism was not.

I had talked to my pastor when he was in Romania in March about Sarah being baptized. She has wanted to be baptized for a while now. I asked him to talk to her. Elizabeth didn't say much. When Sarah heard I was scheduling a baptism she wanted to be baptized right then. I said that it might be easier on her if she was baptized in the States by Pastor Rich for three reasons: first woman don't pastor here and they sure don't baptize; children under 16 are not baptized; and I was the grandmother. Sarah listened to all this and her response was something like "does the bible say what age I have to be? Does the bible say you can't do it? So, what's your point?" OK Sarah... Elizabeth was just listening and remarked that it was too bad she couldn't be baptized. I went through all the things that I feel should be in place before a person is baptized...she had no trouble with any of that, she knows what she believes and in Whom she believes. What is the problem Elizabeth? I didn't want to push her, the girls are still very young. Elizabeth said that so often she knows what she should and should not do but she goes ahead and does the wrong thing anyway so she wasn't yet good enough to be baptized. Boy did I have good news for her!

It was a very special day.

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