Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Women for Women

The pictures aren't in order but this is Mary Jill ministering to the ladies Saturday in Arad. Women for Women is what I called the first meeting we did together with Mary Jill and Certain Women. The ladies really look forward to seeing and hearing from Mary Jill - she brings an anointed word.

Here is our Friday gathering - small beginnings but the subject "The Garden of Your Heart" was mentioned in today's school meeting along with an invitation to our next meeting. The director of the school spoke about us guarding the seed which is our children so they will have a good harvest in their future. Wow - I would say that there was some impact from Friday!

Sunday we were at the Vinga church. We had a guest accordion player, he was invited especially for Mary Jill. Mary Jill brought a good word Sunday also. Three days of ministry is a lot - thank you my friend!!!!
This is a sign on the wall of the school room we were given to use for the ladies meeting in my village of Sofronea. It is a public grade school. You wouldn't see this in the States - it says :"Your every work begins with God" AWESOME!!!!

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Mother's Day

March 8 is Mother's Day in Romania. March 1 is woman's day. There are little decorated pins given to females on March 1 and flowers or gifts on March 8. This day is often a difficult time for us, many of you know the situation with my daughter. The girls sometimes have difficulties being involved with the various school programs on these dates. Mother's Day is a big deal here. Sarah had asked that I be sure and attend the program today, she is in the singing group. Tuesday is Mocrea day but I stayed home. Adina ended up with 3 other volunteers today so my presence was not missed - God is Good!

Elizabeth just came in and borrowed money to buy our neighbor, who helps with the care of the household, a present. I said OK and gave her the money but include her little son in the presentation. Elizabeth then said she had already gotten me something. That was nice, maybe she is healing.