Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Today at Mocrea I really had a good time!  We decided to let many patients out at one time and we filled the dining room and even used an extra table.  We started our Christmas decorating with making paper chains. The patients made enough colorful chains to go around the walls of both dining areas. We started practicing our Christmas carols too.  Finding a craft that they can all participate in and enjoy at the same time is difficult but everybody pitched in today!  I know it doesn't seem like much when you write it down but seeing all those patients all having a good time and beginning to anticipate Christmas was wonderful for me. Most of them are locked up and forgotten but they know every Tuesday we will be there!  We are planning a huge Christmas show and party.  Sorry no pictures today but as usual I get wrapped up in what I am doing and forget to take them!

Today was a good day

This is Tabita.  She was born with some type of dwarfism which became noticeable quite early.  She has some other lesser handicaps but does attend school. Tabita is now 8.  The mother and many of her children attend the church in Vinga and we have been praying for Tabita all these years.  In Arad there was no recommended treatment but I thought we had something available in the States.

Adina was taking a little girl named Natalie to Timisoara for a consultation with an endocrinologist, she appears to have a similar condition. I asked Adina to see if we could also get a consultation for Tabita at the same time, and the doctor agreed.  This entailed taking the children as well people to stay the night at the hospital with them to Timisoara. The children could not eat or drink before the tests and were grumpy - they also got car sick. Poor Adina but she persevered and the girls got the necessary testing done.   The tests on Natalie were favorable for treatment but the results were not as good for Tabita. I was disappointed but the doctor decided to repeat the tests and today we heard that both girls will receive treatment! YIPPEE YAHOO! The doctor is not charging us for her services but we will pay for the medicines.