Tuesday, January 10, 2012

George Conte

This is George Conte. he is 72 years old and lives in Dud on a pension that is about $130 a month. We met him when we delivered food in Dec. to Dud, he was visiting our other George. Adina took a picture and put him down as a possible addition to the Widows Mite program. We added him to the program and today delivered food - that is when we saw how he lives.

These pictures don't do justice in understanding how bad the living conditions are.

There was a fire in an old couch which severely damaged the house. We think that was in early spring. Then George took sick. Adina questioned a neighbor about him after we left the food. Apparently after the fire and his illness he just didn't do anything to the house, he kind of gave up I think.

George has what seems to be a HUGE hernia that sits like a large ball on his lower abdomen. The description we were given is that "his insides are coming out" When Adina took the original picture he was visiting his friend George and it was not really visible. When he walked out today from George's house I tried to get him to get in to the car and drive him back to his house to leave the food. He wouldn't get in the car. He had explained that he could walk and with his "condition" he smelled really bad. I was amazed that he walked as well as he did. The neighbor also told Adina that one of the police from Dud had wanted to get him to a doctor but he refused.
I am going to pray ask the Lord if He won't send us a team to repair his house. It would be days just hauling away the trash,burnt furniture and weeds. There is also a pile of broken up cement in one room, a dog lives on top of that pile. I will ask Adina to check with the mayor there to see if they can help with materials come spring. I hope we can get George some medical attention soon.

I have seen some pretty horrible living conditions here doing the work I do - but this is about as bad as I have seen.

We will do something to help him - this much I know.