Saturday, July 31, 2010


The girls and I are enjoying a visit to Kay's in Paighton, a lovely beach community in South East England. The girl's father and his wife have just picked Elizabeth and Sarah up for a day at the zoo.

We travel back to Romania on August 10 and then I leave with the boys from the Vinga youth group for a missions trip to my friend Marty to help with the orphanage he is building.

I hope to have pictures to post soon. I have very little Internet access here.

Friday, July 23, 2010

So much has been happening...!

We are leaving for England in the wee hours of the morning and I realized I have (again) put off updating the blog. This has been about the busiest summer I have ever had...and I am tired. The girls and I are going to visit Kay in England for 2 weeks. She lives in Paighton, a lovely seaside resort. We will spend as much of the two weeks on the beach as we can.

The two weeks of summer camp went really well - this year we were able to sponsor 43 kids as well as 4 adults. Next year I think we will do both age groups together and do one big camp. I have pictures, but the posting of them will have to wait until I get back.

The Toon family is visiting and has been a real help in the ministry. They will be watching over the house while we are in England and continuing with the work in Vinga as well as Mocrea mental hospital. The family, Yancy, Esther, Elie and Jason also went to camp and helped. Their music is a real blessing. The kids all have a good time together and that is really nice. They wrote a song and play for us, including "interviews" with the actors. We enjoyed it.

Patrica and Sandor Varga and their son Bela returned and did an awesome 3 days of VBS here in our village of Sofronea. She had it all so well organized, including games, crafts and snacks. The bible lessons were great and several children prayed with her on the last day. I do have pictures (OK, so I have misplaced the camera....) When we get back I will update!!!!

We get back on August 10 and I am due to take the boys of the Vinga youth group on August 15 to Bulgaria to help Marty Sutton with the orphanage he is building. We are excited to be able to go. Marty and Howard, the builder, were at summer camp with these boys last year.

Much is going on in my life but I do know that God is in control, and His grace is sufficient. Please keep praying for us here and the work.