Wednesday, November 6, 2013

If it is Tuesday, it is Mocrea

Yesterday I was really feeling tired, tired in the spirit.  There is so much going on in all areas.  As I walked into the Mocrea hospital grounds a woman from the 3rd. floor was calling out to me. I don't remember seeing her before. She was calling that she had no one to visit her and she was locked up alone in a room...please help her....I figured if she was alone in a room she probably was not one I would want to let out in the group for crafts!

Carolyn and I went in to the back room where our crafts are stored to get more materials, we were making bracelets - one of their favorite things there at the hospital. When we reentered the main dining-room it was full and I do mean full of patients.  I thought "what, everybody is having a tough time, here come the Americans, let everybody out at once?"  Then I noticed the lady from the 3rd. floor - I would keep an eye on her.  It was really chaotic but everybody was having a great time.

When it came to song and prayer time we don't have Bogdan but we do the best we can.  I had told Scott and Carolyn earlier that morning we would just keep repeating to ourselves "we are called to do this, we are called to do this..."  During our song time one of the women that really has very little touch with reality was singing. What joy on her face as she raised her hands and sung with her whole heart.  It lifted my spirit and gladdened my heart!  This is what it is all about, touching one life. The woman from the 3rd. floor got on her knees to pray - thanking God that He had sent someone to visit her and get her out of that room, even for a short while.  Great day!

Elizabeth and Sarah

Elizabeth had to be in a school play and had to have a 1950's costume.  This first year of high school is a real challenge to her but I can see her adjusting.
Sarah got her braces off!  She says she feels like she doesn't have any teeth