Friday, July 22, 2011

Camp 2011 Day Five

They met in small groups and so many shared their hearts, their hopes and fears. It was a dynamic time.
Time to say good-bye to new friends.

Most of the kids bonded with at least one of the staff - most with more than one. The team that comes are life-changers for these kids.

There was much bonding with leaders

The kids were taken down the hill by a tractor pulling a wagon. It had been raining and the bus driver refused to even try to get the bus up the hill and in to camp(wisdom!)

Well camp 2011 is over. Many of the kids cried as they went down the hill, very few were ready for it to be over - how awesome is that!!! Many of the older kids have decided they want more of the things of God and we have made plans for two weekend retreats for some in depth teaching. Around 6 of the older kids will be trained to be junior counselors at next years camps. This is all such a joy to my heart. I guess I need to start saving for the camps in 2012! The provision of God was so spectacular this year. Including transportation and all expenses it was almost $6000. I sat and pondered that - where did I get all the money???? I love God's provision!! Thank you for your prayers and funds to accomplish this for these kids in the name of The Lord!

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