Friday, July 15, 2011

The babies

Adina has been involved with this little girl over several months. She is 5 months old and has what appears to be a blocked channel under her eye. This gets inflamed and swells so much the little one can not open her eye. A nurse told Adina she was afraid the child would lose the sight in the eye. Adina finally convinced the doctor to allow the baby to go to a specialist. This required tracking down the mother for a signature and getting an appointment scheduled. Adina was told to be at the hospital early one morning. We used Rici's old carrier to transport the child in Adina's car. Adina waited 4 1/2 hrs. and no one came. Adina had formula, diapers and toys with her so the little one was happy as a clam to be held that long! After all the waiting Adina was told that there was no anesthesiologist available until the end of the month. How sad - and terribly frustrating for Adina! Getting things done here has never been easy but when a child is involved that needs medical care it can be heartbreaking. With some recent donations we are able to pay for doctors, medicines as well as other needs. Adina supplies some of the moms with clothes, diapers and formula as needed.

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ConnieF said...

Jackie: Adina email us about this baby and her situation. Trust that many Christian women are praying for you, for Adina and for the babies.
Love in Christ,