Thursday, July 21, 2011

Camp 2011 Day Three

Here is the older Vinga group - h-m-m-m must be plotting something!

The covered wagons as well as the teepees are spacious and comfortable for the kids.

There are several times of music each day - everyone gets involved. I have not been up at the camp this year during the group lessons or the small group discussions and bible study. While I was up there yesterday I was able to visit with most of the kids and the leaders. The kids are having a wonderful time and enjoying the food. Some of the leaders report that a few of the older ones are seriously seeking the Lord as to what He would have them do with their lives; two have said they think they might have a missions call and many of the younger ones are having Jesus really come alive for them. What an awesome week! Tomorrow I go up for the last part of the camp and to get everyone home - I know I will hear even more awesome reports.

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