Friday, August 27, 2010


What an awesome time we had in Bulgaria! Marty Sutton has a wonderful vision from the Lord for multiple children's homes. He has received great favor, they have paved the road in front of the property, and there are now plans for a State sewer system so Marty does not have to worry about septic tanks.

I led a group of 3 adults and 5 of the young men from the Vinga church youth group. They worked very hard for 5 days. I did the cooking. The guys stayed on site but I stayed in town and returned every day after doing the shopping with Marty.

It was my vision to not only help Marty and be a part of his vision but to involve the Vinga youth in missions. I have a tendency to have big dreams and vision and just go forth and then part way through I often say to myself "What were you thinking!" But as with all the plans that are of the Lord - nothing is too big for Him! We were all blessed and look forward to helping out again, all the boys wanted to stay longer and do more. You notice I didn't say adults - we were ready to come back home! Ah, to be young and strong again....

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