Sunday, October 21, 2012

Meet Angi

 Angi lives in a private facility for girls called Osana. Angi is special and can not live independently. She is classified as a volunteer now with that facility since she is too old to receive help as an abandoned child. Angi goes each day to a sheltered workshop and is paid for two hours. Angi was horribly abused in all ways, when she was a child and she took to the streets. She cut herself and is scarred all over her body. Angi found love and acceptance many years ago at Osana and she loves the Lord! She participates in the Special Olympics also and has won a prize for her art. Angi loves to make bracelets out of sting. I recently took her supply, steam pressed them and they are now on the way to a missionary gathering in Croatia and hopefully will all be sold for her. She offered them to me as a gift but I would love to have her get some pocket money.

As I was pressing them I stopped to think - how do I tell people this is what I do?  Pressing bracelets to encourage one young lady?  These type of things make me happy, and I like to think it makes God smile!

I have recently helped place 3 more young girls at Osana and we need more sponsors! This is where Rebecca and Guilia are also. If you know anyone that would like to help these girls, or some of the other facilitates we help sponsor, please email me for more information:

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