Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Last day of school

The girls look like they are truly best friends here - NOT! They are just overjoyed that this was the last day of school! This week they are at camp and are happy that I am not there with them. Aw shucks girls...

We have a family visiting us from Slovakia - the Toon family, Yancy, Esther, Eilee and Jason. They have pitched in with the work here and their two children are a delight. The Toons are at camp this week with my Sunday school group from Vinga as well as some of the children from the Kid's Club in Sanicolaul Mic. A family from Hungary drove the Toons as well as Mary Jill here the weekend of June 18. This family from Hungary, Sandor, Patricia and Bela (OK so I didn't get a last name!) will be coming back for another visit in July and do a VBS here in Sofronea. They have all been singing in church in both English and Hungarian, it has been a blessing. Yancy will be returning to camp next week to help Bogdan with the teens (another blessing!!)

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