Saturday, February 26, 2011


I received an interesting e-mail - how many widow's could we feed if we had the funding? My answer was that I didn't know. Buying, packaging and distributing the food is a very labor intensive thing also the price of food goes up all the time. Right now I have about 8 sponsors and we have 36 presently in the program - God has continued to provide each month.

The weather turned cold and we again have snow. Since it is the end of Feb. wood supplies have dwindled for the people in the program. We pray for loaves and fishes like provision with the wood.

In the last 2 months we have had several people in the program pass away - our latest is Gavril and now Vilma. Gavril was one of the two men in the program. He was paralyzed and his elderly wife, Florica, took care of him on less than $50 a month. Vilma had been bedridden the last few years and was being physically abused by her daughter. Vilma went to stay with her son, she was 90 and ready to go home to heaven she said!

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