Wednesday, June 13, 2012

A quick update

So much has been happening and the days are flying past so quickly that (I have chosen a few pictures from the last several weeks to share with you. The pictures are not necessarily in chronological order.) Also there have been some changes to Blogspot posting so I have to put **** where I want spaces. I got this off of Facebook and thought it might be a great poster picture for the Widow's Mite program. The translation is "Single and alone. A working life of toil with a pension that is not enough. I raised my children with love and now they are in foreign lands. Do not be careless or tomorrow you could be in my place." ********************************************************************************************************************************************* This warms my heart for several reasons. This is John Luca helping Keith Sliwoski mend my gate. John had his halo removed from his head and is regaining the use of his arms and hands! What a miracle his regaining his health and continuing to improve. Thank you every one for your prayers for him and his family. Keith was here for about a week with his daughter Alannah. Keith has a heart for old people and also pitched in at Mocrea. Alannah is here for several more weeks.*********************************************************************************************** Here is Keith. Scott Pouncey and George Conta in front of his brand new fence. What an awesome job Keith and Scott did. George was so happy with it. George got all spiffed up. Here we have Adina cutting George's hair and giving him a shave. She is always ready to try her hand at any ministry, bless her! We were preparing for a hospital visit for his HUGE hernia while the guys built the fence. It turned out to be inoperable - the surgeon says if she puts all those intestines back inside he will no longer be able to breath.

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