Thursday, December 26, 2013

Christmas fun at Mocrea

 Cerbu and the girls from Osana, a private Christian girl's facility in Timisoara. put on a Scrooge play and did a puppet show for the patients at Mocrea. Cerbu opened with some upbeat singing and got the patients involved right away.
 Matthew Marshall hauled the bag of goodies to all the patients that were unable to attend the show. Callum King was the super-Santa and Marius Aslau with Danny provided the music. Peter's absence was very much felt as we did these parties. .
Here is Wayne manning the gift table. We had tee-shirts for the men and ladies, sweat shirts, knit caps as well as some underwear for the patients. A new bible was also given to each patient. 
The patients worked on their "goody bags" for three weeks as their craft.. Here is Chris after we finished filling them.  While the show was going on we stuffed the bags with chocolates, hard candies, cookies, cappuccino, hot chocolate and coffee packets.  They were all served several cups of soda during the performance. This Christmas event is one of my favorites. To so many of these patients we are the only "family" to visit them. We are there every Tuesday. My special thanks to Scott and Carolyn Pouncey as well as Traian who are so faithful every week.

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