Thursday, December 26, 2013

Christmas begins

On December 9 a truck load of presents from Reaching Romania in Wales arrived.  Wayne and Christine were on hand, plus some friends and neighbors, to off load them all.  Irene was unable to be with us this year due to the ill health of her mother. The first presents to be transported went down to the Timis area where Vlad visited the 24 widows in that area.
 On December 14 we did 2 very large parties for children in Sanicolaoul Mic and Vinga. In Sanicolaul Mic we served pizza, soda and Christmas cookies before the giving of the gifts. The kids had a music competition which Wayne and Chris had to judge.
 We were blessed this year by having the funds to almost double the size of the building as well as provide a new outhouse, The winter wood has been purchased and is in a new covered area. Progress! 
 Here is Santa Bogdan with the gifts for the Vinga kids. That group is growing, the program is on Saturdays from 10 -12.
 Reaching Romania also sent gifts for every leader.
Every week the leaders take turn providing a snack, usually a sandwich for the children. Most of the kids will not have eaten when they come some may not eat every day.  Spencer and Lynsey bring their children to this program and also take a turn in providing the snacks. The children got Christmas cookies also when they left.

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Ray J. said...

Thanks for mentioning our two trustees, Wayne and Christine. They were whacked out by the time they got home on 19th Dec. having been involved in distributing the 600 shoeboxes as well as the various ministeries we support. Our thanks for the hospitality shared.
Ray, Treasurer at