Thursday, November 17, 2011

November 19 is World Toilet Day

You may think after all this time of not posting I am making a very frivolous blog - ah contraire! This is a very important holiday and I celebrate it. Sometimes I combine the celebration with Thanksgiving since they are close together - and I AM so VERY thankful for my toilet!

I lived over 6 years here in Romania without running water or indoor plumbing. I was bathing Elizabeth and Sarah with water that was from a hand pump and heated on a wood stove. Going outside to potty at 3AM at -20 temperatures is not something I like to reminisce about. I was just discussing this with Elizabeth and she said she didn't remember having to go outside - that was because you and your sister used a potty-chair!

So - this holiday is MINE and I praise God every time I hear that lovely sound inside the house: of F-L-U-S-H-H-H. When I lived in the States I took many things for granted! Elizabeth thinks I have had many an adventure and need to write a book...someday....

OK - I promise to post a long blog in the next few days, so much has happened!


Kathy Lucas said...

I love this, Jackie! You are one amazing lady!

Kathy Lucas said...

I love this, Jackie! You are a trooper!

ConnieF said...

Having traveled extensively in Eastern Europe, I am also soooo thankful for indoor plumbing! We Americans take so many things for granted: electricity, indoor plumbing, 24/7 internet access, paved and lighted streets, a whole world of efficiency and accessibility. We are sooo lucky, let us be thankful today and everyday.

Lynsey said...

I agree with Elizabeth. I think you should write a book. Elizabeth, if you cannot get grandma to settle down long enough to write, you should follow her around with a notebook and have her tell you her stories.
I love you guys! I hope your World Toilet Day and Thanksgiving Day were enjoyable. ;-)