Thursday, December 1, 2011

Children from the hospital

Adina is at the hospital with the abandoned babies several times every week. She has earned admiration and acceptance by the staff there. We provide cuddling, bathing, diaper changes and clothing as well as crib toys. Every child is prayed over. Adina follows up with the families if they are returned home. The State diligently seeks out the parents that "forget" their children at the hospital. We involve ourselves in these families, what can we do so that they can keep their children at home and safe? Sometimes it is a matter of food, or providing heat, sometimes finding them a place to live.

This is Alexandra, she lives with a wonderful foster family. She is fast losing her sight due to Glaucoma. Adina has found a doctor that will treat her. We are not quite sure what the cost will be but God has richly blessed us by leading Adina to caring doctors that charge nothing or very little. We then just have to pay for medicines and hospitalization. Child protection calls us when they have a child in the foster program with a treatable medical problem. The State has no funds and these children then suffer needlessly.

Iasmina is between her mom and Adina. Little Iasmina was born severely handicapped, including spina bifida, deaf. hydrocephalic, spastic, and several internal organ problems. The doctors suggested placement in an institution as she wouldn't be much more than a vegetable and the father left. We (this is the type of things I do with your generous support!) give $100 a month to help support Iasmina and her mother and I want to share a portion of an e-mail Adina sent me..."She also said something that I need to share with you -she said that she has been blessed since she meet me/us. She has mentioned she is not referring only to the material aspect, (which indeed is a big help to her), but she said she has been blessed in many aspects of her life -she was blessed with a church (she attends my church now), Iasmina goes to Sunday school and has made friends, a christian kindergarten, and has now found a doctor that is helping her much with Iasmina. I'm so happy God is blessing her through us!" This makes me so happy!

This is Argentina. She is being held by Maria, Adina's mom, after her latest checkup. Adina met Argentina and her mom at the hospital last summer. Argentina was repeatedly in the hospital for an infected channel under her eye. Her little eye was sometimes so infected it was swollen shut. The medical staff were concerned that she would lose sight in the eye. Adina visited the mother and Argentina's sibling numerous times after Argentina was released. We tried to support the family and improve the living conditions. The mother disappeared more than once with the children and Adina was so concerned for Argentina. Praise God little Argentina once again ended back up in the hospital and the mother disappeared. Argentina was placed with a foster family and is thriving. Through Adina's persistent searching we were able to find a doctor that would treat the fissure. Argentina is blossoming with her foster family!

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VCFibers said...

So glad to hear about Argentina! I have often been thinking and praying for her since her most recently disappearance with her mother. I'm so elated to hear that she is thriving with her foster family and that Adina is still seeking medical attention for her. Perhaps this time she will actually get it! So glad to hear about the other children that you two are helping and how they are now thriving both physically and spiritually :)