Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Time is zipping by!!!

Every day I think "I must update my blog! Thus and Thus has happened" Now I am having trouble remembering all the "thus and thuses"! Sigh - don't know if I should blame senior moments or being just plain busy. See - I took some pictures (which is amazing that I remembered) and they would surely remind me of what I wanted to post on the blog...ah and I put the camera where????

One thing for sure I want to tell you about is that Trian is now in his own little apartment. When he first got out of Mocrea he was pretty tentative about everything and did not think he could stay by himself but he has been gaining confidence the last few weeks! Today Trian went to Mocrea with us and was visiting with some of the patients and he told the social worker about having an apartment - she actually teared up and Trian and I both got hugs. One lady said she also wanted to go home with Jackie...ah, not right now. This woman had a terrible case of postpartum depression and has been at Mocrea for years now. I was sitting waiting for the volunteer team and a few mentioned they had no family and I told then they had me, I would be their family and I even visit every week!

Well I guess this is it - until I find the camera!

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