Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Who is Trian?

Trian is a patient at Mocrea. He has been there for 2 years. I don't remember exactly when Trian began to help me serve coffee, soda and cookies to the other patients but he has been doing so each week for some time. Trian and George were best buddies. George passed away 2 weeks ago at Mocrea.

I began to ask Trian about his background - what was he doing at Mocrea? He said he threw away his life with alcohol, he now has trouble with his speech and sort of shuffles a little when he walks. He told me he has been divorced for many years and has twin boys. He made an excellent living - before becoming an alcoholic. Trian is one of the ones, as was George, that do not need to be in Mocrea, a hospital for the chronically mentally ill, but also may not be able to live totally independent. I have wanted sort of a half-way house for some of these patients for a couple of years now but that is a major financial undertaking - not so much to find a house but to pay for someone to be there 24-7, that would take several people (3) in shifts. The patients that could live in that type of assisted living situation more than likely have a pension in place and I thought they could pool the pension money for food and utilites.

Trian had said his father has a large apartment but will not let him return. Before last Christmas I told Trian we would pray that his father allow him back in to his house. Trian said just before Christmas that he was going to his father's and knew it was an answer to prayer. Trian called me New Years Eve with greetings. I asked if he was staying away from alcohol and he assured me he was. Unfortunately the father would not let him continue stay and he had to return to Mocrea shortly after the holidays. Peter, who faithfully goes with me to Mocrea each week when he is in Romania, told him that when he returned in the spring he could come for a visit to his house.

Peter has returned and Trian hadn't forgotten the offer! I talked to the director of the hospital and they thought I was kidding. After assuring them we weren't they said it was fine - EXCEPT they would have to totally discharge him to us, the paperwork would take awhile. I understand the liability of the State - it kind of scared Peter I think. Nah - it's OK! I assured Peter. I told Trian that Adina would visit the father while Trian is at Peter's and we would plead his case and offer weekly family visits for support etc. Trian says he can get a referral to return to Mocrea if he has to - it is my prayer he not have to ever return.

Tuesday we sprung Trian! He wanted to stop by his ex-wife's to pick up some things and leave his laundry. He said she wanted to meet me. She is a lovely woman! I met his sons who are 19 and should be going to Timisoara to school in October. They live in a tiny place. Trian's wife has a good job but she confided in Adina that she has had a really rough life after Trian began to drink and they have been divorced 10 years now. The boys are out of control she says, although Trian doesn't know this. Trian's wife says that the father is a very difficult man and does not think we will have any success with him allowing Trian to return.

The best part is that Trian's wife said Trian can return home when the boys go to school - there is literally no room in their tiny place for one more body. I am so excited! This is so awesome - so...God! Now of course there are just a few little details to be ironed out, ah like October is still 4 months away. I am hoping that it work out so well at Peter's that Trian can just continue to stay until October. The ex-wife is going over today to have lunch with Peter and Trian.

Please hold this family up in prayer!

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