Sunday, May 15, 2011

I have NOT fallen off the end of the earth...

I can't believe it has been two months since I have updated the blog. Now that I realize there are some people that actually read it I really feel badly when it doesn't get done! So much has happened!

Tomorrow morning a team leaves. Mary Jill from Hungary brought a team of ladies from Scotland to do the Women for Women meetings we had May 13 and 14. Beth Soper was the main speaker and what an awesome job she did. I had met Beth and her husband, American missionaries in Scotland for 27 years, many years ago in the States. Marian, Ellen and Liz were Beth's team and also shared in church on Sunday before Beth preached. I pray that they will all want to return to Romania again! Elizabeth and Sarah want to go with me and visit them all in Scotland.

I continue to prepare for the large summer camp in July. The teen group did a community service project at Easter. They went around and painted the trees of all the neighbors and elderly that would like it done for them. Here they paint tree trunks from the ground to around 4 feet up. I have sought to find the real reason for this but the answers vary! Our youths made an impression in the village! Alas, as often happens, I don't have even one picture! I am taking them to Walter's on Saturday for a cookout and an opportunity to run up the mountain (ah, I'll pass on the run up the mountain part).

Right after Easter George and Anita Ford brought an awesome team from Indiana. They pitched in with everything for a week. I know some of what they saw brought tears to their eyes but I also hope they went home with joy in their hearts. I will be visiting with them in October. Howdy Carolyn, Michelle, Shelly and Amy!!!

Last week when I went to Mocrea I found that George had died. George was horribly injured and disfigured in an explosion years ago. He didn't need to be in a mental hospital but there was no other place for him. I had often talked to him about the Lord but he was embittered that he had been so badly injured and blamed God. I told him he would be whole in heaven and had asked God not to let him die until his name was written in the Book Of Life. I pray that God honored that prayer...I am hoping to see George again some day in heaven.

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