Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Found the camera...

The Vinga youth group did such an outstanding job in the community with painting tree trunks we had a cook out for them. Almost all the kids from 8 - 18 in the Vinga church are gearing up for summer camp. I think I have almost 60 going, counting Sanicolaul Mic, my village and 3 girls from Timisoara. What a blessing to have the funds - the cost will be $80 per child plus transportation. I started saving last year right after camp.

Widows: This lady is Roza in Vinga. She is really a feisty one, she is picking up a little extra money digging a field, she is almost 80 I think!

Elisabeta is new to the program this month. She represents a new category of the elderly here - she is a beloved grandmother whose grandchild has always helped her but can no longer manage. The granddaughter is a neighbor and is aware of the Widows Mite program and said she was really embarrassed to have to come and ask for help.

I am blessed that I can help! We have added 2 other new ladies to the group also AND because of an awesome yearly gift I am able to add even more plus have the winter wood money. God is s-o-o-o-o-o Good!!!!

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