Thursday, August 11, 2011

Trian Update

There are so many awesome things that happen day to day but I hardly ever take the time to share - things that make me happy!

I was at Mocrea this week and Trian was with us as usual. There was a new man sitting at a table with two family members and everyone was uncomfortable. I started a conversation - the family was scared about their relative being in Mocrea - was it safe etc. They weren't sure if they could visit when they wanted. I was at the table so Irina could smoke and Irina starts saying how they are beaten, the food is not edible and so on. The family was horrified, this was their worse nightmare. I tried to tell them there was decent food and enough of it - of course it is not like food at home but they can leave snacks for the guy with the attendant etc. I am there every Tuesday and the patients are not beaten. However, by the very nature of the hospital, and the diverse mental problems, it is not unheard of for fights to break out - it happens. I did not want to make it sound like the guy was now at a resort! I explained that Irina was saying what she was because she is not happy to be in a locked ward - but who really wanted to be there? The one woman said the man's problem was alcoholism and they didn't know what to do. The man himself said he hadn't been drinking and the situation felt pretty hopeless. Just then Trian came over and I told the little group that Trian had been a patient and is an alcoholic. now he volunteers here. Trian talked to the guy - the attendant came out and encouraged them to visit. Trian explained that even after a long period of not drinking you can "lose your mind". You can get meds. here and recover. We stayed and chatted and it just made me happy to see Trian encouraging these guys and the family's concerns eased a little. I also said that the majority of these people are locked up and left but family and concern can make a big difference, not to mention prayer!

Oh - and I have my eye on another guy that I would like to start trying to get him out...he has family that won't accept him home either.

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