Saturday, December 1, 2012

Christmas gifts have arrived in Romania

 The "communication" with the shipper was that I could accept the shipment anytime EXCEPT Tuesdays between 9AM and 3PM. The shipment arrived at 10AM Tuesday morning.  I had talked to the firm the night before and they had said they could have the truck at my house no later than 6AM. the neighbors and we were ready at 6.  Everybody had to go to work by 8.  When the huge truck arrives in to my village it had to turn around.  I could write an entire blog just on that maneuver!   This picture is where they are waiting for my forklift.  HMMM - don't have one guys.  Couldn't even come up with the tall ladder they needed.  I was supposed to be picking up some ladies from the UK to help at Mocrea so I asked Peter to get them and come to my house.  As they pulled up I told the driver - my crew has arrived...wish I had had a picture of his facial expression, crew = 2 old people and 3 young slender ladies. We can do this guys!
 We used my truck to ferry the the cartons nearer to the room we are using in my house.  Everybody did a great job!  We had 3 entire pallets and the total was 92 cartons. It turns out that we were 10 cartons over. These wonderful gifts come out every year from Irene's  foundation in Wales called Reaching Romania. Irene spends all year collecting them.  Irene contacted the shipper in case they had been charged to ship the extra 10 cartons and if anyone else was waiting for them. No they were ours to keep - lots of great stuff like T-shirts in them. We are blessed!
Here is Kathleen and Fifi with a little over half the load in my back room. The picture with Jodie did not come out - but thanks to all of them!  After we finished with this we hopped in a care and made it to Mocrea.  Late...but we made it.  This officially launches our Christmas season.

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