Sunday, December 16, 2012

Teens in Vinga

 I think there were 15 teens at their Christmas party Friday night. We couldn't get them all together for one picture. Elizabeth and Bianca were playing guitar and trying to get everybody singing the same Christmas Carol.

 Santa and Sarah. Bogdan is the leader of the teens and does a great job of it.  There's a youth pastor in the making I think. The teens each got a present plus cakes and soda. Usually they practice a couple of songs during their meetings for our Sunday service.
Some of the rest of the group.  I hope we can have another "missions" experience for them in 2013.  2 years ago they went to Bulgaria to help build an orphanage, last year they were junior counselors at a summer camp.  They can be challenging but over all they are a great bunch of teens!

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