Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Mocrea - Preparing for Christmas

 Next Tuesday we have the Christmas party for the patients at Mocrea.  This Tuesday we decorated paper bags, enough for everyone. We will pass out tangerines and candies and coffee packets during the intermission in our show to put in these bags.
We always finish our visit with a prayer time at with the patients.  I was blessed to have Adina, Irene, Christine, Peter and Bogdan with me.  Next week for the party and Christmas show we will have 10-12 people helping.  Sarah and Elizabeth also get to stay out of school to help.

I am about ready to TRY and get to town to pick up Irene then Peter and Christine. It continues to snow but we are scheduled at Osana girls home in Timisoara and I want to at least try to make it!  May the Lord make a way where there is no way...!

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