Sunday, December 16, 2012

Saturday bible classes in Vinga

 This is our leadership team: Alina and Vlad and Bogdan and Delia. They do a wonderful job with the two classes that are given simultaneously. One for the 4-8 yr. olds and the other for the 9-12yr. olds.

Each week we have more children. This week there were 35. We started on Saturday because these are the rooms we use for church on Sunday while our renovations of the sanctuary are in progress.  I think though that we will leave them meeting on Saturdays even when the sanctuary is finished. It is easier for the leaders and also we will reach more children.  I noticed children are coming that had never been attracted to Sunday School.

We were treated to the dress rehearsal of their Christmas pageant. They had worked very hard and did a really good job. I hope there is a good turnout of parents and friends next Saturday.

Of course the children all had a gift from Santa. 

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