Sunday, December 16, 2012

Osana Girl's Home Timisoara

 Here are the girls of Osana. Osana is a special place for me.  In the back row in the middle are Rebecca and Giulia - who were rescued from the streets a year ago.  Irina, their mother is still on the streets and in very poor shape. I am going to try and get her back in to Mocrea.  The second girl from the right in the back row is new to Osana - she is Rosie. Rosie was with a missionary family for 6 years and due to relationship issues and behavior issues they felt they were unable to keep her any longer.

Nadine and Cerbu came to the center for minors to see the sisters in the front row, Corina and Maria - middle girls in front row. I was present at the interview when they decided that they could in fact invite Corina and Maria to be part of the Osana family.  I asked if they had room for yet another? How about Rosie too...bless them they invited her along also. OK, back row left to right: Sorina, Giulia, Rebeca, Andrea, Rosie and Angi. Front row left to right: Melody, Corina, Maria and Naomi. Melody and Naomi and Nadine's and Cerbu's birth children.
This is Nadine and Cerbu with Sorina in the middle. Sorina has been there for 12 years.  Cerbu and the girls are doing a Christmas program at Mocrea with us on Tuesday.  After we left they all decorated their Christmas tree.
Reaching Romania provided gifts for all the girls here.  it was fun to see them dig through all the goodies in their gift boxes.

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