Monday, December 17, 2012

Christmas at the Detention center

 Last year the director of the center contacted me and asked if we could start some sort of program for the children and teens being held there. This facility is similar to the Juvenile Hall facilities in the States. We began a bible study followed by a game or craft time.  The detainees come and go, some are there for long periods of time however. The reasons why they are there vary.  here they were singing a Christmas Carol for us.
 They are patiently waiting for Santa to call their name. There were 12 of the 15 total residents present today.  All the pictures needed to be taken from angles that do not allow individuals to be recognized.
Bogdan and Santa with one of the boys.  The kids really enjoy Bogdan. Some of them are really soaking in the lessons from the bible study. We pray that some seeds have been planted that will yield a harvest in their lives. Some of their stories are truly horrific.

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