Friday, December 5, 2008


Irene, Wayne, Peter and Christine were over for dinner tonight. Irene and Wayne have taken over the British charity, Reaching Romania. We were talking of the year to come and going over some of the vision for the future. I talked about a food bank and expanded feeding program, this really excites me. We plan to expand the Widow's Mite program. I seem to have spent a lot of 2008 in a survival mode that it was nice to once again speak of future projects. I am looking forward to 2009!

I will be in Wales with Irene and Wayne for Christmas (the girls will be visiting their father) and will have a chance to share about the work here.

I continue to pray for people to come along side and help. Everything has been getting done, maybe not on the schedule I want but then I am not really in control of all this.

Before Peter and Chris head back to England we will be distributing much of the Widow's Mite Christmas gifts. This Monday they all go up to Galos Petreu for the distribution there. It is earlier than I would have liked but I need to be all done by Dec. 20th this year. We make up 140 gift bags for Mocrea Psychiatric Hospital for the big party we do there at Christmas. We have food and gift distribtion in Vinga as well as the school Christmas party.

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