Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Mocrea Day!

Left: Here are two of the ladies putting the decorations they just made on their Christmas tree. The tree was cut out of a green bed sheet and taped to the dining room wall. Irene and Wayne were in charge of helping the patients make the decorations. The upper left photo is of Ionut playing chess with a patient. I was in charge of coffee, soda and snacks. Next Tuesday we will go back and take Santa Claus with us. We sing carols and have a great time. I am hoping we can interest more people in volunteering there.

The photo on the right is of Wayne, Irene and our two Widow's in Paulesani. They did in fact hike up the mountain with food and gifts. It's a good thing it was a little icy up the path otherwise they wouldn't have made it - it's like a spring flows down the road and it can get pretty muddy. The lady on the right works up on the mountain watching cows. She said it is getting pretty difficult to make it up and down.

Well I learned how to correct the time on these postings - but how do you get a title or label under the pictures???? Oops, apparently I DIDN'T learn to correct the time - it is now scheduled to be published at a later time. S-I-G-H

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