Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Don't they look loving? I didn't even ask them to hug. HMMMM, wasn't it just this morning they were duking it out? Elizabeth is a mature 10 year old and Sarah is more of a space-cadet. Elizabeth has always had the better grades but we have discovered that math comes easier to Sarah and her grade reflects it - much to Elizabeth's annoyance! Their personalities are so different but they both can be described as strong willed. I have no idea where they might have gotten that from.

Tomorrow we make Christmas decorations at Mocrea, the State mental hospital, and then go on to Paulesani to deliver food and Christmas gifts to a couple of widows. One of them lives way up a hill and the lane is impassable with a vehicle. Wayne and Irene mentioned they were hikers...seemed like they volunteered to haul food up the hill to me! Between them and Ionut we can get a lot of food stuffs delivered there. The road in to Paulesani is almost impossible on ice so I am not sure whne I can get back there.

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